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  1. When was that rule made?
  2. ??? Do you mean talk about spoilers and answer questions about the story? Probably. So if anyone wants to avoid spoilers, don't go anywhere near the story thread at release and press on my spoiler tags(will use them until at least the NA release).
  3. That's strange, never got that impression. I wonder what that means. No console exclusive character? Or will the console exclusive character be revealed later?
  4. Release date announced(the date we already knew of).
  5. The date is now gone from Dengeki's article, so they were not supposed to have had that date there.
  6. BlazBlue Central Fiction's Japanese release date is October the 6th, according to Dengeki. Screencap in case of it being a mistake to mention now.
  7. Zedar90

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Maybe this could help you understand it(if you can read a little japanese text). When it's used in a derogatory way, it's toward the word before nanka in that case.
  8. Zedar90

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I believe it's "somewhat... nostalgic". In other words, Jack-O feels nostalgia by seeing Sol but unsure why she does it.
  9. Zedar90

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Where did he say this? I have no recollection of him ever saying that. All I've heard on the Dengeki stream was that he thought that CP's story mode was simply too long and he wanted to make it shorter and yet in the end it became longer.
  10. Zedar90

    Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    Finally. It's be a while since the last LN. Will be interesting to see Mori's cover if he really will illustrate it. I wonder if he will also be drawing the rest of the illustrations? Can't wait for more info. edit: Seems like the actual announcement was made on the Famidora Cup, and not only BB but a Guilty Gear LN was also announced.
  11. Zedar90

    Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)

    Maybe it was wrong use of words, Mori said it's CP * 1.5 = which would make it around 45 hours? Which is around what Amazon says: "A 40+ hour story mode with fully animated cut scenes pushes the boundaries of fighting game narratives".
  12. Zedar90

    BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Yeah, she doesn't seem to consider Mai as a person really. The reason why she goes to greet Mai personally is to confirm if Mai is the real deal. It probably has something to do with Mai being a remix heart, or something to do with the title of the series, Variable Heart. And I don't think Mai will go missing now. Meifang seems like she wants to keep a low profile for now(telling her men not to do anything towards the daughter of Yayoi family due to not wanting to deal with them right now). It's either going to be resolved, or put on hold until after graduation. Or maybe some moves will be made against Mai during her time left in school, but she is able to keep it a secret from the trio.
  13. Nothing really announced at the Dengeki stream, other than Es will be playable at Dengeki's event on the 24th of July for 100 people.
  14. Zedar90

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    It has chapter 1 to Final, so all of the chapters should be there now with the update. As for why they separated it, I dunno. Have it been explained? It could be because they weren't finished with it when they were going to make the disc go gold, or it could be so that everyone(in japan) would experience the other half of the game at the same time instead of some getting hold of the game early. I wonder if we are ever going to know why they did it.