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  1. When was that rule made?
  2. ??? Do you mean talk about spoilers and answer questions about the story? Probably. So if anyone wants to avoid spoilers, don't go anywhere near the story thread at release and press on my spoiler tags(will use them until at least the NA release).
  3. That's strange, never got that impression. I wonder what that means. No console exclusive character? Or will the console exclusive character be revealed later?
  4. Release date announced(the date we already knew of).
  5. The date is now gone from Dengeki's article, so they were not supposed to have had that date there.
  6. BlazBlue Central Fiction's Japanese release date is October the 6th, according to Dengeki. Screencap in case of it being a mistake to mention now.
  7. Nothing really announced at the Dengeki stream, other than Es will be playable at Dengeki's event on the 24th of July for 100 people.
  8. I have no idea. I expected there to be some info in May, but it never came. So it's not like it would be too soon for new info or anything, so I hope for at least a release date every week now...
  9. Huh, strange. Might be a bug then. I haven't heard it happen before(but I haven't looked if anyone have had it) and as I said I had no problem watching all the way to the end after downloading all of the 2GB patch 1.01.
  10. Can you see the first half of chapter 6? In that case I don't know. I could see it all on my Japanese copy. If it's after the ending of Chapter 5, it's because it's not on the disc. Chapter 6 - Final it needs to be downloaded through an update.
  11. So Dengeki Playstation will have a stream on June the 9th about their July event, and there will be a part in it of about Central Fiction with Mori and Es' voice actor appearing in. Could there perhaps be some Es gameplay in that stream? Haven't heard anything new since April after all. Youtube stream
  12. Probably a one time thing, after all, the last chapter of the story is called "Final Chapter".
  13. I don't think Arc never used the word DLC if you want to be literal, only that they would deliver more scenario through an free update. I don't think there will be anymore.
  14. Only more story and Dizzy have been officially stated, I believe. But now it's only Dizzy probably, since this update added the rest of the story, unless they plan to add side stories.
  15. New patch is out(2.479GB), 1.01, the biggest thing from it is that it adds more story to the story mode.