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  1. Kane-Z

    Rei Megathread

    Hey noobsaibot. For the Raoh one looks like you are doing the movement boost correctly (piano 5A~E) but for that combo you can actually add a 5A after the first 96AC (before the dp) to make it a bit easier. Like this: 2B > 2B > 2D > hj.ABC > 236+D > 66 BC (or j.AC > 236+D > 66 AC) > c.5C > f.5C > 623+A > 236+C > 96 AC > (5A) <<--- right here > 623+A....etc I noticed your were having problems picking them up with a 5A after doing a raw 623+A. Just lift them with a 5A and it should be fine. For that setup on Juda on the second video on your youtube page you need to max out the number of air hits to 27 (so a total of 30 hits if you start with only 2B > 2B > 2D) by the time you boost with E~j.C. Then after you land you dp again and boost cancel the last dp with j.B on the 5th hit. This setup is pretty easy on Heart as well. So the whole thing looks like this: 2B > 2B > 2D > IAD j.C > 5C > j.AC > 236+D > 66 > j.BC > 5C > 623+A > 236+C > 96AC > 5C > 623+A > 236+C > 96AC > 5C > 623+C (6 hits) > E~j.C (30 hits here) > 623+C (5 hits) > E~j.B > 5C > IAD j.B > 5A > dribble You can also just do hj.ABC in the beginning and skip the last 5C before the 623+C. As long as you get the correct number of air hits it should be fine. Good luck.
  2. Kane-Z

    Rei Megathread

    Well, even if they cross up on the left side the solution is not that hard (just add one extra 5C before the IAD j.B). I know what you mean though. Most of the times it looks like they are going to cross up but the opponent stays in the corner anyways. I guess it's to reduce the risk of accidently dropping at the early stages more than anything.
  3. Kane-Z

    Rei Megathread

    The shield part is usually used if you think you are too far from the corner to start the dribble (like air 214+E~C > 66 j.B > 5C >IAD j.B...etc) or if you are afraid of accidently crossing up on the left side (there is another thing you can do which the video bellow covers). Otherwise, most of the time 623+C > 236+E~C > dj.B > 5C will be fine. If you are doing the correct number of 5As you should activate the dribble right after the 236+E~C. Also, don't forget to movement boost the 5As to avoid accidently over boosting. Here is a short Rei tutorial that covers most of his routes along with some important bnbs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-KVHo8n1Hg If you are still having problems it would be helpful if you upload a video of you trying to perform the combo.
  4. Kane-Z

    Kenshiro make your head asplode

    I think he is talking about the standard dribble setup. Sounds like he got it down but he misses when the opponent suddenly switches to a high bounce. You just have to be ready for that when you are doing the d.2A > 5Bs. Usually the high bounce happens in around 65 hits or so. Then just switch to j.A. NoobSaibot: If you are still having problems with the Kenshiro dribbles I would recommend you watch this jpn tutorial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RLyTPutUjA Sahara made like 11 videos just covering Ken's dribble setups. Just make sure to check his nico page for the other parts: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18058955 Also, make sure to watch some of his matches since his Ken is quite good.
  5. Kane-Z

    Kenshiro make your head asplode

    Hello there, this is Kane. Yeah, a friend of mine has the same problem (hence why I uploaded that video). Just start buffering the super jump as soon as you hit boost (during the first IAD j.A > j.D) and hit J.A or you way up. The air combo for his standard setup is hj.ABABAB air dash AB (or AD). For more information make sure to check the Kenshiro wiki translated by our fellow poster Mashu: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Kenshiro