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  1. Random Question - where will you host NCTR after Myung closes GC?
  2. GGS: Guilty Gear Sessions Gamecenter & Southtown Arcade What is GGS? GGS is a bi-weekly Guilty Gear session for Norcal's OG fighting game community; our focus is to recreate the good days of fighting games. Where do we Meet? We will meet at Gamecenter and Southtown Arcade. When do we Meet? We will meet every Friday at Gamecenter . Southtown Arcade will be TBA. Who will be There? Haunts from IPW expressed a great deal of interest to showcase Guilty Gear on stream. Let's help him showcase it! PhaethonH is recording/uploading matches to YT. DO IT LIVE! How Much is It and What Should I Bring? At Gamecenter: $5 to use the console setups. $7 to use both console and console-arcade setups. $3 per hour for console and arcade setups. Spectating is free BYOC/BYOS Myung has 1 PS2/GGAC & 2 TVs Fred bringing 1 PS2/TV/GGAC. At Southtown Arcade: TBA
  3. OP updated with all the dates from now till August. gl hf ggs. Fred is recording all the GG matches and uploading them here. http://www.youtube.com/user/PhaethonH/featured
  4. GGs severin. Sorry, I can't play BB seriously. Thanks for coming out Fred/Ernest. Note: We're going to start doing bi-weeklies on Friday @ Gamecenter. No meet next week. Check OP for dates/times.
  5. Just fyi, we're still meeting this Wednesday. Gundam just happens to be on Wednesday. Edit: EFZ is fine too.
  6. GGs shtkn. Thanks for coming out Fred, Ernest, and Rod; got some good ideas from the conversations. See you next week.
  7. Nobody streaming atm. Mentioning Haunts was an afterthought. If you want to stream, then you can do it.
  8. Nobody is streaming this event atm. Haunts expressed interest to stream it. Also Tari my PS2 AV cable doesn't work. You may want to buy another on on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-PS2-PSX-RCA-Cable-2/dp/B000GACEHQ Oh and we're doing GG [and EFZ] tourneys at Gamecenter during the last Saturdays of the month (except for December)
  9. If you want a ps2 pad with that, then bring 25.
  10. Edit: If you want to buy my PS2, then I'll sell it to you with a copy of GGAC, AH, and Kingdom Hearts for $20. Cords, memory card and magic swap included. You can buy your stick on ebay.
  11. Sounds good. Thanks for coming Fred, Rod, Landis and Eggie.
  12. Come if you can, but I assume you'll need a ride back. If so, then I'll be leaving at midnight. Oh yeah, we'll be playing EFZ too.
  13. Everything is tentative and subject to change. Edit: Let's bounce some ideas around. Alex come tomorrow and we'll discuss this.
  14. Schedule December: Wednesday, 12/21: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals & Danisen?) Sunday, 12/25: 6pm @ Merry Christmas! Wednesday, 12/28: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals & Danisen?) January: Wednesday, 1/4: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Wednesday, 1/11: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Wednesday, 1/18: No meet. Friday, 1/20: No meet. Friday, 1/27: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) February: Friday, 2/10: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Friday, 2/24: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) March: Friday, 3/9: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Friday, 3/23: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Saturday, 3/31: 4pm @ Gamecenter (GG Tournament) April: Friday, 4/6: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) Friday, 4/20: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) May: [*]Friday, 5/4: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) [*]Friday, 5/18: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) June: [*]Friday, 6/1: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) [*]Friday, 6/15: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) [*]Friday, 6/29: No meet. July: [*]Friday, 7/13: No meet. [*]Friday, 7/27: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) August: [*]Friday, 8/10: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals) [*]Friday, 8/24: 6pm @ Gamecenter (Casuals)
  15. http://challonge.com/socalregionalsbbcs2
  16. Mayftw

    [CT] ν-13 General Discussion Thread

    Did anyone unlock V13 at the SVGL? If not, then I'll do it.
  17. Don't worry. We have enough Mays to populate the state of New York. Rest assured, May will spread her reign of dolphins and squeaky shoes. You gotta have squeaky shoes. :3
  18. May cannot be crushed. Her hit box is too tiny for that. :3 Besides, if she rides the jetstream, then that will only ensure her dominion over the world. Now you've inspired me to invade the east coast. :DDD
  19. Be prepared for an invasion of :kitty: and May domination.
  20. Mayftw

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    reload, again, is srs business. :3
  21. Mayftw

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    Just some random replays with Sanoshi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eySKdkt-v4g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7LJKxtX-a8
  22. random players from all over the world are playing.
  23. check your lobby address. you might have a typo in there. btw, i saw your match against ken. i was rofl cause you played ac may much like reload may. :3