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  1. Wirya

    Xrd Faust Gameplay Encyclopedia

    Move explanations, movement tricks, basic gameplay flows, etc will go here.
  2. Wirya

    Xrd Faust Combo Compendium

    This thread is for collecting Faust combos.
  3. Wirya

    Xrd Faust Link Collection

    This thread is for collecting useful/interesting Faust links. *** VIDEO LINKS http://keeponrock.in/match/index/page/1/character1/fa#content A great collection of Faust match videos (you can also search for other character's videos):
  4. Hi, guys! I'm back, lol.

  5. Wirya

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    Very good, guys. :thumbu:
  6. Wirya

    Like a Boss: AC+R Justice Discussion

    Isn't that a disadvantage?
  7. Wirya

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    PB has 3 startup frames, and FB dandy would (if it's actually possible) give 2 invul frames, meaning that there's still one startup frame of PB that's vulnerable.
  8. Nice! But explain to me the reason behind the title
  9. LOL!!! Muppet Sol is hurting my stomach! :thumbu:
  10. Wirya

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    Nice artbook!
  11. Wirya

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    I wish I could play him too someday
  12. Wirya

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    Keep it going, you're good
  13. Wirya

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    Faust's dust is mostly safe against moves with short active times and long recovery. Johnny has many of such moves. Of course Faust's dust should be used rarely. It's really slow and somewhat telegraphed (has obvious-looking animation). When there's hammer/tarai/mini something/meteor. Use it like you would use his dust (rarely). It's "practical", because his j.D is somewhat safe (it's hard to beat). But I think you will rarely break anyone's guard with it, since the move isn't that fast. I never heard about it. The items should be totally random.