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  1. The Noxes were not created from the Black Beast. Nine made them using human souls.
  2. Where are they at?
  3. Jubei shows up in Rachel's Act 3 ending. We don't know much more then that at the moment.
  4. Relius said that Rachel is decaying like Clavis did, so I presume that if things keep going as they are she'll eventually fade away.
  5. If you post it to YT the Arc cops will most likely find the clips and shut down your channel. Try Dailymotion. And he means that it's part of the preview for Act III, not anyone's Act II ending
  6. 1. Azrael wants to see Ragna turn into the Black Beast so he can fight it. 2. It's a vision that Izanami shows Hibiki. She says that is what will happen if he doesn't kill Noel. 3. No idea.
  7. The same reason why Hazama turns into Kazuma when he's hit by it. It's a throwback gag because the characters resemble each other, that's it
  8. She beats up Celica too.
  9. It stands to reason that Izanami's not dead. If we follow the current trend, she'll have to have an Act 3 story along with the rest of the cast, just like Nine does now that Act 2 is out.
  10. I think Azrael's just making a reference to his title of Shishigami, telling him to come back after he's gain his full power.
  11. Terumi has never called Hazama "Kazuma", In-battle or otherwise.
  12. The arcades /just/ opened up for today over there, calm yourself. We will see it eventually.
  13. As shown in the stream, Ragna and Izanami have a VS theme.
  14. Relius was part of the plan to turn the entire world's population into sludge, remember?
  15. Nine wasn't playable during location tests.