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  1. John Smith

    Petition for NA 360 release?

    If there's a petition for this, I'd sign it. And I don't even own an xbox...
  2. John Smith

    Netplay Connection Improvement Guide

    Oh. Derp.
  3. John Smith

    Netplay Connection Improvement Guide

    So... I've got wireless connection, but my router is right next to my gaming system, and I am rarely if ever below 100% signal strength. So I want to know, is it still worth it to bother setting up a wired connection, or will it not really make an improvement?
  4. John Smith

    [CSE-CP] Jin General Thread "Jin it to win it... again"

    I'm assuming that means you don't like it. I am not aware of any other single hit ice arrow gimmicks though. Sorry.
  5. John Smith

    [CSE-CP] Jin General Thread "Jin it to win it... again"

    I guess this does not relate to tournaments or anything, but I just found out that you can get a really silly reset on opponents after doing Jin's 3C>214A>ice arrow in the corner. You have to get the game to sort of glitch with the ice arrow so that it only hits once, which can be done if you time it early after the 214A. This will result in your opponent being frozen in mid-air for a long time. Rapid cancel the recovery of the ice arrow after hitting w/ it and you can jump up to your opponent's level and air throw them soon after they unfreeze, or, to bait a throw reject attempt and get your opponent to do a throw reject miss, you can jump up in the same manner, and a couple jumping A's before air throwing. I know this is not really practical at all, but I just found it funny. I do not know if this would work in CP, otherwise I would have posted it in the CP thread.
  6. keep in mind too, that if you save 2 bursts for the second round (or third) and use both defensively in the same round, you are going to end up w/ (depending on your character) 1 or 2 guard primers, putting you at a very unfavourable position. I'd say refrain from doing that unless you are really desperate.
  7. it seems like, against lambda, you forgot that the 4+ABC option select exists. I think you should be ready to use this whenever you see lambda use that move where she teleports next to you (was it 236A? I forget.) or on wake-up, as it is common to get thrown at those times and the option select will keep you safe if they don't throw you, as you won't go through a throw whiff animation and will block. You seem to be pretty good though. Probably better than me, at least.
  8. John Smith

    [CSE-CP] Jin General Thread "Jin it to win it... again"

    on the frame data page in the caption for musou senshouzan (beneath the image of the move) it says that the move is "Invincible from frame 1 through all active frames". I am pretty sure this is a mistake. And I'm sure you've all noticed that the pictures were not updated, but I am guessing that nothing can be done about that yet
  9. John Smith

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    eh. well, thank you for acknowledging what i wrote.
  10. John Smith

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I have not bought cse yet, but I'd love to fight in the non-extended version with any decent players, if anyone is interested. I live in the northeast coast of the U.S.
  11. what console do you have