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    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    The real reason they don't use 6b -> orb oki ender is because any reversal will beat it clean on reaction (counter hit too).
  2. Well, I wasn't talking about weaker on a per-matchup basis.. I was referring to the overall scheme of things. Like maybe you'd say Ragna vs Makoto is even 5:5, but the sum of all of Ragna's matchups end up better than Makoto's for example.
  3. I think it's healthy to be so positive.. but for Makoto to be strict mid tier, there needs to be 9 other characters weaker than Makoto.
  4. javi

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Buppa's opinion of Makoto in extend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GheANhqdoqU#t=177s
  5. Kasou

    sup dawg. nice games today against my jin lol. Im donutboy btw. It's a friends account but i will be using that account for a while. Im quite impressed by your skill level. Seems like there's finally some type of competition in aus :P hahahahaa. Do you play gg as well?

  6. Could you add this on the first post as well: Australia Timeout Arcade 609 Station St, Box Hill VIC 3128 Hours are Mon-Sun 10AM to Midnight
  7. javi

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Thanks for the fast and lengthy reply AKA.. I'll give it a whirl this weekend and see how things go :D
  8. javi

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Hi, I need some help dealing with Baiken's Ouren (HS) Guard Cancel. I can punish the other Guard Cancels by blocking them but Ouren seems to always get Baiken safely out of corner disc okizeme.
  9. javi

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Any tricks to executing the 2D -> S Disc FRC? Or just lots of practice?