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  1. Google Doc Link Sorry, I'm late. Was hoping to post what I have at around release but got busy with resource building for Es and Bullet. After many months of work, I finished my first pass of the doc yesterday. I mostly just filled in neutral. Second pass will start next week and will focus more on defense. I'll be sure to post about major updates to the doc in this thread from here on out
  2. So just to give a quick recap of recent things I've done Updated Movelist in the Wiki Moved Matchup Doc to Google Docs like the Combo Doc so that it's easier to navigate by using the Document Outline feature Gave the Matchup Doc a "tiny" update in content Next on my list of things to do is: Add BnB to Combo section of Es' wiki Work on more character specific lists Revisit Mixup, Pressure and Oki guide and add some interesting new stuff that I've seen used by JP players in the last two months
  3. Moving this to its own topic to make it easier to find. It'll give me a place to give status updates on my work for it. Evernote Mirror Welcome to the future one stop shop for all the Es info you need! Currently, it's really rough around the edges. Mostly just building up info and strategies for us to use. If you have any suggestions or feedback, tweet me at @RurouniLoneWolf, @ me in the Es discord or message me on Dustloop! Discord Group Overview Frame Data Gatling Chart Video Guide Combos Combo Guide - Universal Es Combos by @Luna - Dustloop Combo Thread - Dustloop Wiki Combos - Neutral Tips and Tricks Mixup, Pressure and Oki Guide Defense Guide A primer on Optimal resource usageMatchup Guide
  4. Some more Takahiro footage from Tachikawa the week before last. It was a 2on2 this time 9:32 Takahiro (Es) vs Mizuki (Carl) 27:17 Takahiro (Es) vs Unknown (Rachel) 30:50 Takahiro (Es) vs Unknown (Izanami)
  5. You can find match videos for BB in general on Here's a link that'll pull up matchups specifically for Tager. Good Tager players to watch are Barell, Tiku, Grandia and Zel
  6. Some more Takahiro Es footage from last week's 3v3 at Central Hachiouji and an FT5 from Monday. Also, in case you guys missed it, I added a lot of Amipara casual matches of Eruo Es and Bob Es to this weekend 44:45 Takahiro (Es) vs Unknown (Mai) 47:19 Takahiro (Es) vs Unknown (Tsubaki) 51:03 Takahiro (Es) vs Unknown (Arakune) 1:55:32 Takahiro (Es) vs Mabukapu (Relius) 5:40 Naoto (Nine) vs Takahiro (Es) FT5
  7. Do you have a link to the YT vid you can send me? If not, that's fine. I can tweet him about it later. Also, since I'm already here, just letting everyone know I've moved the Combo Guide to Google Docs to make it easier to navigate by adding support for the Document Outline. I'll be starting to add stuff to the DL wiki next week. Need to finish some stuff for my first pass of the Rachel Matchup Doc first. I'll only be adding a small subset of the combos in the doc so people can focus on the more core combos but the Google Doc will continue to be a home for all the combos we find. EDIT: Oh, right. Guess it helps if I actually leave the link to the new Google Doc
  8. There's some gifs of Azami catching stuff and other things in this Loctest doc that SoBa made.
  9. Last night's stream archive from Central. Takahiro Es plays Mabukapu Relius from 2:44:50 until the end of the archive
  10. The release date they specify in the article is for the original version of Revelator, not the upgrade to Rev2 (The date is actually 2016/5/26)
  11. Tournaments up on Jourdal's channel for easier watching. There was additional Tetsuwo Es footage in the casual vids. I won't get around to updating until the weekend though so dropping some links to the casual matches Tetsuwo (Es) vs Rikutoe (Izanami) Tetsuwo (Es) vs Unknown (Izanami) Tetsuwo (Es) vs Rikutoe (Izanami) Tetsuwo (Es) vs Rikutoe (Izanami)
  12. Link to the Baiken discord so people can find it more easily
  13. This is the Baiken Gameplay discussion thread where all things concerning gameplay can be discussed (including stuff from videos you see in the video thread!). Be sure to be respectful of one another and to follow the site rules. Thought I'd go ahead and get this started. We learned a lot about Xrd Baiken in the loctest last weekend. I'm going to start pulling stuff from her discord to here so people can more easily find it and I'll start setting up her Dustloop wiki page this weekend, For now though, these impressions from Kuni and Kedako on Xrd Baiken translated by Greatfernman should give you guys most of the info Kuni's impressions - Kedako's Impressions -
  14. Tachikawa had a special Braver Revel 2017 related tourny last weekend (Might've been a qualifier not sure) and we were fortunate enough to get some Tetsuwo Es and Ronitta Es footage!!! 40:36 Tetsuwo (Es) vs Mitsurugi (Terumi) 42:30 Tetsuwo (Es) vs Kurenai (Susanoo) 15:15 Camelia (Hakumen) vs Bureo (Es) 0:05 Ronitta (Es) vs Kurumi (Rachel) 1:59 Ronitta (Es) vs Heibu (Lambda) 16:50 Ronitta (Es) vs Abeshi (Amane) 19:20 Ronitta (Es) vs Rikutoe (Izanami)
  15. There were some FT5s in the archive of last night's Central stream 06:10 Satou (Mai) vs Ajifu (Mai) FT5 1:09:05 Emirio (Naoto) vs satou (Mai) FT5 2:01:00 Benzo (Hazama) vs Ajifu (Mai) FT5