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  1. The next monthly will very likely be in January. I can post here after the date is announced. In the meantime, we play casuals there every Friday. There were 4-5 setups last time! We'll probably start doing weekly tournaments on those nights as well, starting in 2015.
  2. It looks like the Game Underground weekly fight nights are really picking up the game. They start at around 7:30 p.m. and go until around 1:30 a.m., sometimes even later! Plenty of people will be there for Xrd tonight. It might be wise to start a new thread for our region, especially since Brainbox is long gone. I might do it myself once the variety of local events is more clear; that way, they can be listed in the opening post. Hey buddy. Awesome that you're hosting. I'll be at GU tonight, but I'm busy on Saturday. Next week, however, I might be down.
  3. Please add me to the list for Guilty Gear! RPD MCZ Alex Smith. Also, thanks (partly in advance) to everyone involved in setting up and bringing setups for the anime side tournaments.
  4. :I: Hampshire mall... really??!?!? D: anyway, Im on vacation now, but ill be back in September I play all 3 anime fighters (P4A, BB, and GG, with BB being my strongest with Caruru I do want to go to GUTS but I'm afraid of the BB tourney only getting very little entrants which happens at most EC events, and I don't want to waste $50 to only fight 1 person. Im about to throwdown on this venue fee but I'm not confident in seeing many entrants for BB
  5. I'm going to try to find a way...!!
  6. blueNINE

    ECT V ASW Results and Shoutouts!

    Thanks to DaiAndOh and Mr. Biscuits for running the tournament smoothly, and to everyone who helped to streaming and commentating! Shoutouts to MarlinPie for blowing me up yet again. Shoutouts to the OGs Jan and FlashMetroid. It was fun playing both of you. Jan, you hit me with the sexiest Potemkin combo that took all of my health away. I couldn't even be mad after losing that round. A special shoutout to Mulligan, who I had heard of, but had never played before. You were particularly tough to beat. That Jam is strong. Great event. Nice to see everyone again and play GUILTY GEAR. It was so fun talking with everyone about the Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- trailer. I'm looking forward to the next tournament!
  7. blueNINE

    [Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

    I want to know the Guilty Gear tournament results! Please?
  8. Looking into making it to this.
  9. blueNINE

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I'd rather see them just make a completely new Guilty Gear for PS4.
  10. Ah, okay, cool. Thanks for the response. I suppose the SRK thread just needs to be updated, then.
  11. What console will Guilty Gear be run on this year? This thread says PS3 (although it won't be out on PSN in the U.S. until December 4th) and the Shoryuken.com thread says PS2. I think running it on Xbox 360 would make the most sense for now. Not many people bring PS2 sticks, but plenty of people have 360 or dual modded sticks.
  12. I feel that a tournament like this was really needed, and I'm glad to have been a part of it. It was really refreshing to have a tournament dedicated to Guilty Gear. I've really missed there being competition like that for this game. Thanks to everyone who showed up, to Min and Team Sp00ky for providing the stream, to everyone who helped commentate, to DaiAndOh and everyone who helped to run the tournament, to Next Level for providing a great space for the event, and to all those who donated to the pot bonus. It was good to see so many players that I haven't run into in so long, and to meet some new ones as well. I hope to see you at NEC! <3 Guilty Gear!
  13. Stay free, me -- can't make it to this one after all. Should be there next time, though, provided it isn't during UFGT or Toryuken. Good luck to my fellow New England people.
  14. Plans for this are looking good. Should be me, MK Peanuts, possibly Fade Dash, and possibly Justo. New England in the house.
  15. It might just happen. Are you actually going to this?!