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  1. SA Jin and the Bakery have arrived in room 404. I probably won't bring out any sweets tonight unless people want me to deliver a small serving to their room if they're hosting casuals before heading to copa.
  2. Does 40-48 oatmeal-chocolate-walnut cookies and 48 caramel-filled brownies (one 13x9 inch pan, but the brownies are hella meaty) sound like enough? I'm looking forward to meeting all of you that I haven't already met otherwise. I'm also looking forward to meeting up with the people I met last time~ Will be good times all around.
  3. As long as the shitposting/spamming is kept to a minimum and doesn't pile on and start cluttering the thread, it's fine. If it gets really out of hand, I'll bring down the hammer cos that's my job, but otherwise I'll just leave friendly reminders. For example: A friendly reminder that there are matchup subforums for each characters. I'll give you a brief answer/opinion, but in the future please take matchup discussion to their respective matchup threads. Though, if you want to talk about specific gameplay aspects of Hazama that may include techniques geared towards dealing with certain matchups, I suppose that's fine to post here as long as the focus is on gameplay/strategy/mechanics first as opposed to evaluation focused on fighting one character. Dealing with reversals is more of a player skill issue than anything. You're just going to have to work your pressure game around educated guesses of when they'll do a reversal. Backwards Jakatsu is a pretty nice addition to Hazama's toolset to aid in dealing with reversals during both pressure and wake-up. As for the neutral game vs. Jin, Hazama wins pretty convincingly. Jin's normals are great versus characters that only have traditional movement options or characters that lack zoning tools, but Hazama has both of those. At max range, Jin has nothing to threaten you with, and Hazama has chains that cover many angles and movement follow-ups to those chains that allow him to cover even more space. A good ~B follow-up should bait/avoid his anti-airs cleanly. He does beat you at mid-range pretty easily, so you should do whatever you can to either get close enough to AA or begin an offensive or move out of his effective range in whatever way you can. Hazama also takes the cake on reversals. You get 4k or more off reversal super, and if he gets cocky with some kind of gap in his pressure like 6B or doing 2D after barrier push-out, you can easily react and punish because of how fast 236236B is.
  4. Time to be amazed, I guess. Also, remember bonus proration is only applied once per move. If doing 6A otg 5C takes significantly more time than just hitting people with chains a bunch (and remember, OD chains/chains in general do a lot of damage), I'd doubt looping it would be optimal.
  5. Hey guys, just checking in here to let you know that I'm not dead and in fact am working on a big re-work/re-structure of the combo thread OP that makes more sense in terms of starters, screen-positioning, combo parts/enders, meter usage (lol), etc. I'm glad to see some of you have been exploring your own routes and answering others' questions. Makes my job a whole lot easier. A bit selfish of me to ask but, could someone find the options you get after close-to-the-corner jabaki (around the distance you'd have to hit with a chain if you wanted to continue the combo)? The "near corner" part of the combo thread is pretty much only there for that reason, pretty much everything else isn't "near-corner" specific, it's either midscreen/everywhere or only possible in the corner. In addition to that could someone notate meterless cross-under routes in the corner? I'd assume that those are the super-optimal max damage corner combos since they feature jakou (presumably). I'd do this myself, but I'm too busy watching Non Non Biyori really bad at combos However, once this gets done, you guys are going to have a nice and shiny new combo thread OP.
  6. やはり来たか。。。過去の気配を無視したばっかり、だが現象が本当にもう一度現れましたなぁ。。。しょうがないね、奴らが。良いか?これから教育だ。忍耐が持ってないならば今すぐ出て行け。 WELP. That time has come once again it seems.... a new game comes out, a new combo that everyone can't do and will ask questions about until I (or somebody) make a guide about it. Give me a week or two, I'll find out what problems people are having and what cues and timing hints I can point out to make it easier. Though honestly, I'd almost rather not waste space on another thread and instead see if I can integrate it into the combo thread somehow... Does anyone else think it's funny that they give a damage boost to 214D~B (level 1) if you do forward Jakatsu and at the same time give a damage penalty if you do it during backwards Jakatsu?
  7. Long combos and weird links won't be possible anymore due to no FC, but having a better p1 (though it has an untechable time penalty built in just like throws and A normals [besides 6A] have) means that you can actually get damage if you land raw Houtenjin. Also, as much as you think it's cute, try to avoid using SSK as notation for Houtenjin. 236236B should be fine or 'kick super' colloquially is also fine. In the future, if you post 'SSK,' people are probably not going to know what you're talking about on sight. Hell, even for the official names, I doubt people would be able to tell immediately if someone listed 'JH/SIR' in their notation.
  8. Welcome to the Hazama Matchup Thread Primer! I will be detailing some of the vocabulary and organization used in the original post of each matchup thread, as well as explaining what kind of discussion should take place and how the threads will evolve as time progresses. While most of the vocabulary should be self-explanatory, the provided explanations are there to give you an idea of the structure and content of the original post. If you feel like you've got a pretty good understanding of said vocabulary, however, feel free to skip to the section at the bottom. Overview A synopsis of the matchup. This is where you will find the bottom-line, need-to-know facts about the matchup and whether or not it is in Hazama's favor. The opening lines will generally be a character introduction which will showcase some of their notable tools and give a feel for their overall gameplan. Following that will be a couple of points about how Hazama's tools interact with theirs (if there's any notable occurrences) followed then by an explanation on how easy or hard it is to start your offense or work your gameplan. Neutral When both you and your opponent have no frame advantage over each other. Generally this occurs at the start of the round or after a counter assault or burst, but going in and out of neutral happens very frequently. Spacing and Movement This section will cover what notable normals or specials the opponent has that cover space and what you can do to avoid them. It will also cover your opponent's movement options and what that allows them to do in terms of approaching, escaping, baiting, etc. in neutral Chain Zoning A look at how chains work in neutral. This will cover the distances that you should use certain chains and follow-ups and how much freedom you have to use them, as well as how effective chains are in neutral against a given opponent. Offense Offense is generally understood to be when you've got your opponent to block or get hit by something. However, for the purpose of the matchup threads, I will extend the definition to "whenever your opponent is reacting defensively" so that I can make a distinction between the space-covering, not-sure-if-I'm-going-to-attack-yet approaches of neutral and the oh-yeah-I'm-about-to-kick-your-face approaches of offense. Approach For whenever you're at the right space or situation to transition to offense. This section will detail which approaches are effective and which ones are less effective given matchup-specific circumstances. This will involve analyzing which normals/specials can be used to keep you from getting to the right spacing to hit them (such as an anti-air, DP, attribute-invulnerable move), and how you can beat or bait those options. Pressure and Okizeme Whenever you've got them blocking or you've knocked them down. This section will cover what defensive options are and in certain cases what character-specific mix-up options will work. Defense Well, this is where you don't want to be, but it happens. This section and its subsections will cover what to look out for when your opponent is on offense and what you can do to stop it. Approach Just as you have a space where you can transition to offense, so does your opponent. This is where you will find what your opponent's offensive approach options and ranges as well as what you should do to beat or avoid them. Pressure and Okizeme Whenever your opponent has you blocking or knocked down. This section will cover their notable mix-up and pressure options, such as what hits high or low or what is plus on block, as well as their okizeme set-ups if they have any. Retaliation At some point, you don't want to be defending anymore. This section is dedicated to how you transition out of defense. This includes what you can punish with IB, what you can realistically whiff-punish, when it's okay (or not okay) to burst, when you should counter-assault, or how you can escape. その他 Miscellaneous matchup-specific information that wasn't already covered in the previous sections. This will more often than not address interactions between Hazama and his opponent that calls for knowledge of move properties to explain why a certain phenomenon occurs. For example, Hazama's chains' snake heads are unique projectiles in that they are still attached to his body, so if you hit Hakumen during the atemi/catch portion of yukikaze with a chain (or Jabaki), you'll still be caught in the superfreeze instead of being able to move around. Now that there's an established framework, I'd like to address the future I've envisioned for the matchup threads. First and foremost, the original post is subject to change throughout the thread's lifetime. This allows me or Lich (or future Hazamods) to edit the OP with the interest of organizing and compiling all the information that has been found in regards to the matchup and put it in one place instead of forcing the other users to scour the threads themselves. While being patient and taking the time to read is still encouraged, I understand the frustration of not being able to find the information you want. I hope for our collective sake that you all share this vision and consider this when posting in the matchup threads. Second, I'd like to clarify that you can post anything in the matchup threads.... as long as it pertains to the matchup. Even if you find something laughworthy that's extremely situational, go ahead and post it! In my eyes, there is no knowledge that can't be beneficial, vicariously or otherwise. Everything is okay as long as you follow my third point: Don't post what we already know. Okay, there's limits to this, such as if somebody asks a question and the answer isn't immediately/explicitly available by referencing somebody's post or a section of the OP, but it's definitely at least been hinted at in the thread. But otherwise, please read the threads before posting. Regarding this, I'd like to clarify that, if somebody asks a question in which the answer is already in the thread, it's completely okay to link a post or direct somebody to information in mine or Lich's absence, just don't let those kinds of posts clutter the thread, consolidate them if you can, etc. That's it, everybody. Thank you for reading!
  9. I've been in San Antonio grinding CP for the past few days. I'll make the threads when I get back to Austin later this evening or early tomorrow. I wanted to have an organized format for the first post that allows for the inclusion of information as time passes and more matchup experience and knowledge is gathered. I already have an idea of what this is going to look like, but if any of you have suggestions, feel free to let me or Lich know!
  10. 214D66B has to be input really fast, all of it (on the earliest frames you can actually cancel into stuff, that is, don't mash like an ape). The 66 is only there so Gashoukyaku doesn't send you backwards. Lvl 2 versions of moves all activate on frame 51 of being in stance. So if you want charged Zaneiga to connect, for example, just do the dash late after Houtenjin so you don't move too far forward.
  11. It helps if you memorize the rhythm. I'm gonna take a week or two to make a comprehensive combo write-up explaining the rhythms and specific execution of optimal combo parts. I can give you this advice for (otg) 5C 2C relaunch: super jump after the 2C, mash j.C x 3, j.C, j.C > 5C and then from there either go high for damage or low to the ground for oki. I'll admit though, I'm guilty right now of trying other characters (Azrael, Bullet, and Ragna mainly), so I haven't really adapted a quick, practical convert OD combo at high health, meterless, but at least there's the easy route off close 3C via 5D~A > dash 6D~A > 214D~66~B, leads to good amount of j.C loops which means hella damage.
  12. AMB Bakery

    [CP] Azrael - Gameplay Discussion (Pre-Console Release)

    I downloaded the nicovideo showing how weakpoints work with guardpoint and atemi moves. It also shows some growler shenanigans at the end with Bang's steel rain. During the absorption, Azrael cannot be hit or grabbed. I'll upload it to youtube later if zeth doesn't find anything in the meantime.
  13. AMB Bakery

    [+R] Order-Sol General Discussion

    Why don't you just build charge meter anyway. There's a lot of situations where you can safely gain a significant portion of charge, like late action charge FRC after Lv 1 SV. After 2D knockdown, you can gain half a charge stock into a meaty normal (6K, 2H, 2D, etc.). There's no reason not to build it when you safely can. The advantage between levels is quite clear imo. With Lvl 2, you can convert most every hit into a knockdown provided you go the correct route, and most Lv2 specials are safer on block allowing for prolonged rushdown. Hell, even doing Lv1 BHB FRC on block isn't the worst thing you can do, especially if you already have a little bit of charge meter beforehand to successfully convert to Lv2. Even if you want to play a "low charge" Order-Sol, you should at least be building charge little by little if you're charge-cancelling during pressure. It's pretty much in your best interest to charge whenever you can because otherwise you're just holding the character back from being at his strongest. Not to say that he doesn't have ways of being damaging at level 1, but you just get a much steadier, safer stream of damage/knockdown/safe-on-block options in Lv2 and 3. I just wouldn't want to forfeit the possibility of such a heavy advantage.
  14. AMB Bakery

    [CP] Azrael - Gameplay Discussion (Pre-Console Release)

    Disregarding the math and conditions, just from seeing it enough I can tell it's the 22C version. 22C version animation has Azrael rocketing over to the opponent, 623C version looks like a short hop. As for how he did it, it probably works similar to Platinum 22C. The opponent doesn't have to be downed for it to work, they just have to have been downed at one point in the combo. In this case, I think the 3D ground-bounce was the trigger.