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  1. Sol definitely dislikes people mentioning his connection to Dizzy.
  2. I just realized that Noel, Lambda and Nu would stay the same age after the time skip. But their mentality would more mature and adult like.
  3. Houichirou must truly be a monster if he fought off Azrael. I didn't even think Azrael would be mentioned. I hope we get to see Tager. I really know how he and Mai interact when they fight met. In CF, Mai respects Tager a lot and I think he help her with her training when she join Sector Seven. Mai's hatred of Relius Clover is pretty much equal to Kokonoe's. Hopefully we will see Mai's relation with Relius further in VH.
  4. Remember, no new chapter this month.
  5. Mai's story would continue in BB5. She and Cajun are probably still searching for Relius during the time gap. Mai is probably married to Taro by now.
  6. Again, told you Trinity appear in this series. Thou it more shocking that we see Rachel. I guess this will be the first time Mai and Kajun (and etc) will meet Rachel. Looking forward in seeing Litchi soon.
  7. This thread is for all bb5 related things. I created it cuz the other one is misleading. It will take a couple more years til we hear anything about BB5 (though it might not be called BB). Both new and old cast will be present. As I said, Jin's and Tsubaki's kid will be one of the main protagonists. Mai and Carl will definitely be back. A new Magic Guild school is created in response to what happened in recent events. A 14th city will be built in the time gap. Dunno how big the time gap will be; probably 15-20 years.
  8. Keep in mind. Mai did meet Relius before CF. That time in Remix didn't count cuz she didn't know him. Also Relius brought her to the cauldron which is probably gonna happen in Variable Heart. By CF, Mai is already knows about Relius and is utterly disgusted of his point of view of people. Hence why she hates him more than anyone she dislikes.
  9. Mai hates Relius more than anyone else she dislikes. Hopefully we will see this development weave through Variable Heart.
  10. I'm still hoping that Mai will meet Trinity in Variable Heart.
  11. I hope Dizzy's story mode will explain her decision in coming out in the open to protect Illyria.
  12. I hope Dizzy's story mode will explain her decision in coming out in the open to protect Illyria.
  13. I wonder what kind of person his kid would be.
  14. BB5 should a new story, but still a continuation of the previous arc. New generation of characters is obvious a go. Some returning characters is fine as long it isn't too many (making references is ok), but they have to be weaved to the plot. Jin's and Tsubaki's kid will definitely be part of the new cast (through would be nice have a sibling).
  15. Mai's reunion with Ragna hits a very rocky start.