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  1. It's been said that forums in general are a dying breed. Some forums are still going strong, but with things like Reddit which basically has a monopoly over discussion boards, and the aforementioned Discord, it's no wonder forum activity can never stay up on sites like Dustloop. A similar trend is happening on most forums I go on too. Some have only a dozen or so dedicated core members that hang around and chat in like three threads while new people barely stick around for more than a week if they're lucky. The forums I mentioned have tried loads of shit to get members to join and stick around too, but nothing has proved successful from what I've seen. I may be an avid lurker but I love Dustloop; I'm just too big of a scrub to chat about anything besides lore and speculation. lol
  2. Oh wow, how useless are these, eh?
  3. Well, she literally appears to be guarding some kind of gate in the story bits we've seen. Her whole "theme" does seem to revolve around that when you think about it too.
  4. In any event... A weapon like Mai's invokes the thought of her being a zoner/keep away character, but with these so-called "Variable Arts," I'm starting to wonder if she'll be anything like Venom from GG insofar as her having different formations or paths in her zoning game. Very little to go on right now, but it her gameplan seems to involve a certain degree of unpredictability or possibly traps and setups.
  5. I'm a bit late to the party; I had no idea that Mai had been announced as playable. Funny story, I had a dream that Mai and Azrael were somehow connected. In my dream, Azrael was referred to as "Azrael Hazuki."
  6. Huh. It's that one CF stage that was found via datamining in CP, although it's a tad different. Anyway, Es is shaping up to be stunning. Agile, graceful, flashy--I like what I'm seeing in the PV. Her drive looks to function a lot different than I originally assumed, though. It's almost looks like the runes increase the range of her already big ass sword.
  7. Part of me has always thought that Jack-O''s play style was used as a subtle way for them to test the game's frame rate. Either that or as a way to show off how great it is with all that shit flying around onscreen.
  8. I can definitely see the second description being the case. Infer back to Es' first Famitsu scans where a bluish-white design/pattern could be seen following the path of her slashes. Her slashes are probably likely to "trace" a sort of "line" that would then serve as a path from which the follow-up would come again (or be copied?). Like, say, if she were to slash upward, the follow up might involve her slashing downward along the trajectory of the traced path, which is likely the aforementioned "bluish-white design/pattern" thing. Chances are the said "bluish-white designs/patterns" are these purported "crests." I'll recall back to those old Famitsu scans once again: there was this sort of hourglass-like pattern shown following the trajectory of her slash; I wonder what properties this will have.
  9. Don't quote me on this, but doesn't Blazblue have a thing about balancing the male-to-female character ratio in each iteration? If so then the likelihood of another male character joining the fray might be a tad higher, assuming Mai makes the roster, that is. Unless there's some weird technicality where Mai counts as a male or something... Anyway, that's all I have to say on this matter, because if memory serves, it's forbidden.
  10. Wow, their biggest mistake seems to have been trying out ENG dubs in the first place. If XRD were JAP only to begin with, there likely would not have been any problems or outcries from fans. Welp. Arc/Aksys, if you're viewing this thread, for future reference and success, make sure to avoid testing the waters or experimenting with new and/or different things, especially voice acting, 'kay?
  11. Not really. Think about this for a second, this is DIZZY we're talking about here. Between her, Necro, and Undine (three sprites total) + her various zoning tools, she is probably one doozy of a character to work on with the new "2.5D" graphics and game play mechanics. Normally, I'd be a little irked by the wait time as well, but not so much in this instance because Dizzy's a special case. It's best to just be patient.
  12. I personally am glad that they're taking their time on Dizzy. The last thing we'd want or, heck, NEED, is a borken mess of one of the fan favorites. She is probably a beast to work with, what with dealing with animating her, Undine, Necro (basically /three/ sprites in one), and her various zoning tools, especially with the huge graphics update. If we want the best Dizzy they can dish out, then we're just going to have to wait. The wait will be worth it in the end.
  13. We have to keep in mind that in addition to plot reasons, there are certain gameplay roles that "need to be filled" as well. For instance, one could say that Bullet fills a grappler role that Tager's big ass simply couldn't. Everyone has a reason for being there, and no character needs to be important af to the overall plot /all the time/; no story--real or fictional--works like that. And then there are certain tropes and fanservice roles that need to be filled, too. E.g., Bullet's there for leg guys. The plot isn't the be-all/end-all in FGs anyway, even BB.
  14. Someone brought up the reasons as to why Ariels couldn't possibly be a Valentine, which I will not disagree with. But man, with that big-ass, elaborate hat she's wearing, it'd be so fitting if she were. Hah. Oh hey, Zappa.