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  1. Looks like he's holding Junkyard Dog by a series of straps wrapped between his fingers. Or maybe he's doin' jazz hands. Pretty badass design either way (Answer actually looks kinda scary). Too bad the ESRB will slap an undershirt on Baiken when the game comes out over here.
  2. Very cool news! Also really glad ASW is offering a choice between a new full game and a downloadable add-on for owners of the original. I think this is the first time they've done something like this since the AC Plus append disc for the PS2.
  3. Should've known it was too good to be true. ._.
  4. Sounds like unlimited characters are going to be DLC again, along with voices, colors, and a bunch of other extra content in addition to a minimum of one new character, with possibly (probably) more coming after. But they're not doing an Extend version. Uh-huh.
  5. This post is probably unnecessary, but as a public service announcement I'd just like to inform anyone not familiar with Toshimichi Mori's record that the man lies like a heroin junkie asking to borrow money.
  6. What's this about a novel? I'm assuming it's for Japan only, but is it going to be a novelization of the games' plot or another side story?
  7. At this point, the lack of a playable Jubei is too hilarious to be upsetting. No worries, though; he'll make it in. Based on where they put the character select portrait for Es, we presumably still have five empty slots left to be filled. Odds are Mai and a random select will take two of those, with another DLC character rounding out the final console roster and slots #4 and #5 going to the inevitable CF Extend newcomers--one of whom I strongly suspect will be Jubei. They know what players want and what they're willing to pay for. Don't forget that it took us 2.5 games before Koko was playable.
  8. Somebody said the patch added some new music tracks to the in-game store. Is there a list out detailing which tracks were added?
  9. So did Aksys ever reveal what their sooper sekret exclusive bonus for US GG fans was? Because it's kind of starting to feel like maybe that was BS.
  10. Ahh, that sucks. Those Sin City colors look pretty sweet, at least.
  11. So did gold and/or darkside characters make it in this time, or is that more future DLC we have to wait for? Also, what's the general consensus on the netcode so far?
  12. The fact that some of Capcom's recent fighters have contained multiple language tracks seems to have created the perception that dubs are now a standard feature in fighting games. As it pertains to GG specifically, however, I see Sign's dub as a bonus feature, as no other installment in the franchise (barring GG2, which was unique in a lot of ways) has been dubbed. You could make the argument that an English language track might have helped sell more copies of the older games, but the same could theoretically be said for any number of hypothetical features that could've been added. The point is that very few people have expressed an interest in Guilty Gear and then rejected it on the basis that the characters spoke Japanese. An English language track for Revelator would've been nice to have if for no other reason than it'd make for another selling point outside of Japan, but I don't imagine it being a deal-breaker for 99.9% of the playerbase. So from a purely financial perspective, I'd say ASW made the right call not paying for a dub this time around.
  13. Pretty sweet trailer there, though it sadly failed to contain even a fraction of the raditude present in the Mighty No. 9 trailer.
  14. Oh wow, that's pretty cool. Thanks for clarifying.
  15. New GG merch? I'm assuming these are preorder bonuses. I don't even know what this is, but holy shit is that design badass.