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  1. inbox full dingus

  2. Warp warp warp wa-*thrown*

  3. So I signed onto PSN and it detected that my PS Plus trial is over. It took away my PS4 colors! Is there any way to go online and keep them or do I have to give up on having the bonus colors?

    1. Jagd


      Also you got a full mailbox.

    2. TheRealBobMan


      Pretty sure that the PSN colors are tied to your PS+ account. You'll either have to get another free trial or buy PS+.

  4. Your inbox is full. Anyways, do you know a good image viewing software for windows 7? I really don't like Windows photo viewer. I'm a mactard and I want to spread two fingers to zoom and move two fingers side by side to scroll.

    1. Kaizen


      I haven't looked. I should probably get on that, too.

  5. You got a full inbox. I just wanted to know how to make a playlist in Foobar and put it on my X1.

    1. Jagd


      Also, can I search for music by name? I'm lazy and don't like scrolling through my whole collection even with all the ways I can sort it.

    2. Kaizen


      Pretty sure the x1 doesn't have any sort of search function, only an alphabetical listing of all the songs you have available.

      Unless you're referring to Foobar, which in case, yes. Foobar has a fuckton of sorting, naming, and organization tools for your library.

      Come by today/tomorrow before casuals and I'll show you how.

  6. Your inbox is full.

  7. your message box is also full

  8. Your shit's still full.

  9. not anymore it aint