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  1. And a happy birthday to you CopperDabbit.

  2. Yeah Dacid, we're aware. That's a SoCal event though.
  3. CopperDabbit

    Blue Revolution US Finals - Walnut, CA - 2/25/12

    Oh man, such a hype tournament. Mad shoutouts to James Xie for organizing the whole thing and just generally being an awesome dude. Shoutouts to Spark being free during qualifiers (and ONLY during qualifiers) A special thank you goes to my teammates, WallJumpMan/ApologyMan for absolutely wrecking house and to Dacidbro for... well, I don't know what he actually did, BUT I'M SURE IT WAS AWESOME. In no particular order, Zong_One, Huey253, Jan, Jason D, Sanoshi, Render, Mike Z, LK, KV, other people with acronyms for names, MegaDavid and Co; Donovan, BOBBEH, Kensou, Biter, Severin, The Guy From Level|UP What Did the Streaming, Shin, Mark, C0R, Brice. I know I'm forgetting more people, but there were so many names to keep track of, so I apologize. All in all, fantastic tournament, thank you everyone. (PS: What do Lord Knight and a fresh ocean breeze have in common? They're both salty and free! lawls)
  4. According to Dacidbro, Vitra from Canada is coming to this NCI for the qualifier. And as it's free if you enter the main tournament, I'm fairly confident at least a few other groups will show up.
  5. CopperDabbit

    Blue Revolution US Finals - Walnut, CA - 2/25/12

    Hmmm... Pozer is being polite, well spoken and doesn't appear to be trolling at first glance. He must be up to something...
  6. CopperDabbit

    Blue Revolution US Finals - Walnut, CA - 2/25/12

    @Brice, that makes a hell of a lot more sense.
  7. CopperDabbit

    Blue Revolution US Finals - Walnut, CA - 2/25/12

    So, we have to bring our own consoles, and they have to be ps3, and any kind of pad is banned? Isn't that really limiting your audience?
  8. Hmm... this is happening on the same day extend comes out. Uh... let's keep it going with CSII.
  9. Hey guys. Sorry for the late message, but I haven't had internet access since friday-ish. Shoutouts are as below, in order of best hair: Myung: Thank you so much for hosting us and just being super awesome in general. I'm so glad you opened up GC. Chun: Dude, you rock for organizing the whole thing, winning the Ultra Salt Award (USA) every time I see you, and just generally being a cool guy. Aginor: God Mu is dumb. But you're awesome, stay that way. Huey253: When our tournament match gets up on YT, I'm going to tell everyone that you paid me to lose. AND THEY WILL BELIEVE ME. sG: Awesome seeing you and the whole PWN crew again, glad you guys made it. Those casuals we had were hands down the most fun I've had with BB in a long time. COR: Stay frosty my friend. Keep kicking ass, being a really cool guy and losing to tagers. Bohemian Polka: Thank you for the shirt! It's so bad-ass and moe, I love it! TCD: Fuck. Yeah. Solex: I want to start seeing you in grand finals. Trix: A really chill guy, and your Ragna really has gotten better lately. More match up XP and you're going to be a force to be reckoned with. Eric: "I DON'T GET IT! I'M DOING ALL THE SAME THINGS AS YOU, WHY AREN'T THEY WORKING". I found that whole exchange really funny Pain: Your Zenia MIGHT just be a LITTLE better than mine. By which I mean, I got raped like a japanese schoolgirl in a tentacle/lube factory. And they were all out of lube that day. HFA: Good seeing you again man, wish you still played and thank you SO MUCH for bringing SkullGirls. Vineeth: You played well and made me look like an absolute scrub while doing that. I'll get you next time and I need some more casuals in between. 2GB: You made Noel cry by switching to Makoto. How could you do something like that, you heartless bastard? Xie: As always, you're an awesome guy and I'm glad you made it. We need to sit down and grind out some matches sometime. Willy/Crossell/James: Thanks for helping run everything guys. And for always cheering for the guy I was playing against. Every. Goddamn. Time. Stream Monsters: Stay classy guys. It's all for you.
  10. GGS yesterday in our Zenia mirrors

  11. I thought we had decided that GC couldn't hold the amount of people we were expecting? (Not that I'm complaining...)
  12. I really like Game Center. Myung is an awesome, friendly guy and we should do whatever we can to help support his arcade and he in turn would bend over backwards to make our event as easy and accessible as possible. That being said, I cannot support Game Center for a major NCI. Simply, there isn't enough room for it and the internet connection for the stream (which is our main method of exposure for his arcade) is not up to par and will not be by the time this event rolls around. Also, I want everyone to keep in mind that I live about 5 minutes from the place and want nothing more than to hold it there. I am a huge proponent of holding alternating ranbats there and would be happy to help organize anything and everything we do that would relate to GC. For this specific event, however, Etrium sounds like the place to go.
  13. CopperDabbit

    Yoch Town Throw Down! BBCS2 Tournament! 07-16 Antioch, CA

    I'm sorry I didn't make it to this I'll go to the next one!
  14. Happy birthday:yaaay::toot: