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  1. Well no one told me you were grumpy.

  2. You too. I mean, no one said you were grumpy, but the whole meeting thing was neat.

  3. That's Klifftemkin. I actually made that. :v: Profanity is fine. If it violates the rules as explained in the announcement, then it's not fine. If you're not sure just ask.

  4. "Fuck Chie" doesn't qualify. You can still swear. Hell you can still give people a hard time. Just don't use words that degrade an entire gender or race or sexual preference or whatever when you do it.

  5. Thank ya kindly. :toot:

  6. The OP makes it clear that it's just a theoretical exercise and isn't 100% accurate. It's still worth having and gives a general sense of how much health characters have relative to each other. The Guts x Guard Bar x Proration system is pretty messed up, so it's impossible to perfectly indicate just how much health each character really has, but you put forth a good effort at least.

  7. I wish I had your confidence.

  8. Damn bro, my feelings. My feelings, bro.

  9. Happy birthday btw.

  10. So, I'm wondering... why do you sign all your posts with "ProudDisciple on XBL and PSN" when that's already in your signature, displayed at the bottom of every post? Seems like wasted effort.

  11. I am completely serious, that's my real email. http://circ.uito.us

  12. I'll rip everything I can when I can.

  13. My judgment is irrelevant here. I don't like NVG but I've also been completely neutral on every decision made regarding the Noel boards thus far. I'll leave it to DC and Luna to decide what the Noel boards do from here on out, including the future of NVG. After the discussions we've had I trust them to make a good decision.

  14. Yeah? That's great. If the thread focuses on gameplay then I'm all for it. Based on my limited viewing, and based on what others who more actively read the thread have told me, this isn't the case. As far as DC being a mod is concerned, Luna wanted help since he wouldn't be as active. It was a toss-up between Chao and DC, so we all voted. DC won by a landslide. If he can whip the board into shape, great. If the board doesn't even need to be whipped into shape, even better. If people who don't or can't actively discuss Noel's gameplay feel left out and leave the board, I really don't give a shit.

  15. Not sure what posts you're talking about (actually haven't even noticed a post by you in a while, before today of course), but I've been checking on NVG since the mod team started actively discussing what to do about it. You really expect me to forever ignore shit on a forum I moderate?

  16. I deleted that "what is your goal etc." thread. Beginner mode is for beginners, not psychology.