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    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    WELCOME TO THE BLAZBLUE FANART THREAD Post art in this thread! Rules for posting art: - Post the source if you have it! - If you don't have it, find it! - If you can't find it, ask for it! - Post thumbnails for large images! - Keep [NSFW] stuff behind links, and tag them! - If you're not sure it's [NSFW], tag it anyway! - DO NOT use image hotlinks to Pixiv/Danbooru for anything. Sources should be artist pages, not image links. - Original Characters aren't fanart. - 63, cosplay, and most crossovers are okay. - If your post doesn't contain fanart or doesn't follow these rules, it will be deleted. - If you wanna discuss how shitty this thread is, PM me. What if I want to post my fanart, whatever it may be, and get comments and such? Most art sites already support commentary, but if you're not using such a host or want to discuss your art with Dustloop, the easiest way would be to make a thread for yourself in Zepp Museum. Don't be shy, just do it. Why are you such a Nazi? Because the last thread sucked. I'd like this one to suck less, from a getting-and-viewing-fanart perspective. Who has art threads up right now? - Sesame - Incognito - Sorael - psilyn How the heck are people finding Japanese fanart?! http://www.pixiv.net/ http://danbooru.donmai.us/ http://www.gelbooru.com http://www.google.com Japanese names! BlazBlue: ブレイブルー Arakune: アラクネ Bang (Shishigami): バング (シシガミ) Carl (Clover, Nirvana): カルル (クロヴァー、ニルヴァーナ) Hakumen: ハクメン Hazama: ハザマ Terumi: テルミ Jin (Kisaragi): ジン (キサラギ) Jubei: 獣兵衛 (typed: keimono hei mamoru) Kokonoe: ココノエ Lambda-11: ラムダー ・ λ-11 ・ /\-11 Litchi (Faye-Ling): ライチ (フェイリン) Makoto (Nanaya): マコト (ナナヤ) Mu-12: ミュー ・ μ-12 Nine: ナイン Noel (Vermillion): ノエル (ヴァーミリオン) Nu-13: ニュー ・ v-13 ・ ν-13 Platinum: プラチナ Rachel (Alucard): レイチェル (アルカード) Ragna (the Bloodedge): ラグナ (ザ ブラッドエッジ) Tager: テイガー Taokaka: タオカカ Tsubaki: ツバキ (-ヤヨイ) Valkenhayn: ヴァルケンハイン
  2. Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!! is halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to its passionate fans they've already reached their initial goal of $100,000, and will be porting the game to PC via Steam! But, like any good Kickstarter, EXAMU has added some exciting stretch goals in hopes of bringing in more funding, and we need your help to reach them! When the Kickstarter first launched, EXAMU worried that they wouldn't even be able to fund the game itself. But thanks to the outpouring of support in Japan and from around the world, and so they've announced these stretch goals with the intent of releasing the final, definitive Arcana Heart 3 revision. The first stretch goal - Paracelsia (the game's boss character) as an Arcana, and updated balancing - has already been reached, and as of writing we need another $85,000 to reach the next: a new playable character, currently nicknamed Shark Girl! Next, at $400,000, is the mysterious, dual-wielding Dark Heart, and her Arcana: Love Prison Geist! Little is known about her, but I must admit her design has me very interested. At the $500,000 mark we see the introduction of a new boss character, Omega! Additionally, a new storyline will be added that also brings together the stories from earlier titles. At $570,000, Omega will also be added as a playable character! We've still got a way to go before these new characters are funded, so please consider chipping in if you can! Just $25 gets you the port on Steam, in English, as well as a key for all the DLC funded by the stretch goals (not to mention a love letter from the producers), which is an incredible deal on its own. There are only 15 days left, so get it while you can!
  3. If you'd like to speculate on something specific, consider making a new thread for it, rather than derailing this one. [Insert typical warning about double-posting and going off-topic here.]
  4. Circuitous

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Some Forward Dust ICPM combos by Consomme Corner: 2H > 6H > Trishula > 6K > Trishula > j.K > jc.H > ICPM SO KY AX VE ZA CH SL SI LE JO 2H > delay 6H > Trishula > 6K > Trishula > j.K > jc.H > ICPM FA Other characters: 2H > 6H > Trishula... May: sj.K > ICPM Millia: sj.K > j.S > ICPM Potemkin: j.K > j.S > ICPM I-No: j.K > ICPM Jack-O: sj.K > j.S > j.H > ICPM Midscreen: 2H > 6H > Trishula... Sol, I-No: j.K > ICPM May: sj.K > ICPM Millia, Elphelt: sj.K > j.S > ICPM Potemkin: j.K > j.S > ICPM Faust, Axl, Slayer, Jack-O: sj.K > j.S > j.H > ICPM https://twitter.com/consomme0914/status/636410244424339456 https://twitter.com/consomme0914/status/636410819970904064 https://twitter.com/consomme0914/status/636411524291031040 https://twitter.com/consomme0914/status/636411844786126848
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    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    I hope I don't have to explain to people that threats of physical violence aren't even remotely acceptable.
  6. The only spam we should be worried about in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Fifteen is what this thread is experiencing. I'm not sure what Naoto's DD does that constitutes spam to you, but rest assured you look like a scrub for calling it that. As for everyone else, please jot down your thoughts somewhere, and then share them with the world when the stream's over, maybe? Just a thought. At least you're all discussing visible gameplay instead of speculating, so I'm alright with it. I'd just like to see it more organized.
  7. Disclaimer: This article has only been tested for Accent Core and AC+R. Though it's likely the same holds true for Xrd, this is still unproven. Let's take a moment to talk about One Frame Jumps. The fact is, what most of us understand One Frame Jumps to be simply isn't the case. I made a video a while back demonstrating how they actually function - if you haven't seen it, you can check it out below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIXuOx8WbFU To summarize: starting a jump with Faultless Defense doesn't reduce your jump startup. It does, however, put you into your blocking animation on the first frame that you're considered airborne, shrinking your hurtbox. This allows you to dodge some attacks with tighter timing, but it won't get you out of smaller gaps in a string. Brett then posed a few additional questions regarding some commonly-held beliefs. Is it true that you can only block on the first frame of your jump if you FD? Can you perform any other actions (like an attack) on the first frame of a jump? After testing it with the same method I used in the video, I found that the answer to both questions was a resounding no. No video this time (for now). Instead, I'll show here the frame count, what inputs were entered, and when they were drawn. First, to test air blocking on the first frame. Dummy Sol jumps forward with j.S against Player Potemkin. [table] FramePotemkin InputPotemkin AnimationSol InputSol AnimationFD Jump PO InputFD Jump PO AnimationFD Jump SO InputFD Jump SO Animation1[/td] 234 Frame 1 Frame 15 67Jump Startup Frame 1Jump Startup Frame 189101112Jump Frame 1 Active Frame 1Air FD Active Frame 113Instant Block* Active Frame 1*Air Instant Block FD* Active Frame 1*[/table] * The game animates the result of an attack making contact on the frame after it actually makes contact. With me so far? We'll use the same system for testing actions on the first frame with Potemkin's j.P. The first test inputs the P in time to make it happen as soon as jump startup ends. Test 2 is one frame later. Test 3 is an FD Jump control. [table] FrameInput Test 1Input Test 2Input Test 3 (FD Jump)Input Test 4 (TK Bandit)1 2 34JumpStartupFrame15 6 789Jump Frame 1Jump Frame 1Air FDAir Bandit Frame 110Jump Frame 2Jumping [td]Air Bandit Frame 2[/table] So what does this mean? Only two things can be performed on the very first frame of jump state: Faultless Defense or a Special Move. Normal attacks and Slashbacks can't be performed until the second frame. Double Jumps can't be performed until the fourth! And, of course, air dashes have a minimum height requirement. This information may alter the timing of "fastest possible" rising normal overheads, so please take it into consideration. Edit: contrary to the original writing of this article, aerial special moves can be performed on the first frame of jump state. That's all I have for you, thanks for reading.
  8. Circuitous

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Is this a UNIEL thread? Oh, it is! Cool. Let's talk about UNIEL.
  9. I'm late but this isn't the Melee thread. Or even the Smash thread. If you want to discuss a topic that does not fall fully under the umbrella of Guilty Gear Xrd, make a new thread. This one gets cluttered enough even when it's on-topic. Don't make it worse.
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    The Reality of the "One Frame Jump", and Other Jumping Myths

    Sadly I don't have that sort of fine-grain control over tables with BBCode.
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    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Definitely distance-based, if you can recognize the positioning right away you can pull off combos like that.
  12. I'm too tired and old to go through the last few pages to delete stupid shit, but I'm going to put a big huge warning here. TAKE YOUR BULLSHIT SPECULATION ELSEWHERE This thread is for discussing what we know, not what we hope and dream.
  13. Circuitous

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    idk how many times I have to ban this dipshit but I'm getting real tired of it. He's not entirely wrong, though. It's possible to get better matches with someone farther away geographically than you do with someone up close. Unfortunately the "distance" in question re: netplay is the distance your packet travels, not your distance as the crow flies. My connection routes from my house, to Cincinnati, to Indianapolis, then to Chicago, then back that same way. Therefore I have a better ping to Chicago than Cincinnati, or even my own hometown. Don't be a dipshit. Think real hard before you make a claim.
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    Buckeye Airdasher Circuit 2/21

    Stream: www.twitch.tv/arcadelegacy Thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10335-22115-buckeye-airdasher-circuit-cincinnati-oh/
  15. Circuitous

    Applications of XRD’ Mechanics V2.0

    I've gotten through Leo's S projectile with it. I was at least able to Buster him with it still on my character. Again, not sure on the frame data, but it's a thing.
  16. lmao "What's the use of having respect and legitimacy if we can't act like dipshits all the time?"
  17. Circuitous

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Yeah, this is actually the general advice for most combos involving charge moves. Gatlings are very lenient in timing and can be input quite early, giving you plenty of time to charge. 6K > Hammerfall can combo raw, but the timing is very strict.
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    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    They're available for "purchase" during that time, they'll be re-downloadable even after the window.
  19. Circuitous

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Well, there's a 100 replay limit. But replays do add a substantial wait time between match end and the replay/character select menu.
  20. Good stages would be Arena, Central Organ Tower, and Dragonica Falls, off the top of my head. Leo and Sin's stages are also pretty good. The worst would be Axl's and Potemkin's, and Ky's is kinda up there.
  21. As the UI indicates, you need to mash buttons for stagger, and mash buttons + waggle stick for Stun/Dizzy.
  22. Circuitous

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Makes sense to me. S-sort of. Anyway, Consomme posted an evernote full of Potemkin combos with video examples. I took the liberty of (somewhat poorly) translating them. Original is here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s525/sh/5904ada9-dd6f-4519-9592-3b6fe8e9999b/0c7bcedb61d3964b5573910c710806bf I'll get these up on the wiki eventually, I swear. Potemkin Basic Combos (with videos!) Courtesy of Consomme, @consomme0914 [No Tension] 5K > (c.S >) 2S > 2D Basic combo. c.S works if you're already close enough. http://youtu.be/ru9HwFTFsNw 5K > (c.S >) f.S > 2D Alternative version of the basic combo. http://youtu.be/8rkCp77ute4 Corner: Potemkin Buster > 5P/2P > c.S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic combo for a Potemkin Buster deep in the corner. Works on everyone, but if you're too far out you'll get f.S which does not properly combo. Learn the spacing and you'll be fine. http://youtu.be/XnvRhdWkMAw Corner: Potemkin Buster > 2K > c.S/f.S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic character-specific combo for a Potemkin Buster. More reliable than the above, but only works against: Faust, Zato, Potemkin, Axl, Ramlethal, and Elphelt. http://youtu.be/g6yz5vNr_Pc CH 6P > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic combo from a counter hit 6P. If the opponent is fairly close and you hit them deep, you can fit in a 5H or f.S before the Heat Knuckle. However, if they're far away, you might not even be able to land Heat! Learn to judge the distance and try some different timings in training mode until you're comfortable. http://youtu.be/NNOTNKtnZIg CH 5H > Slidehead or Hammerfall Basic combo for counter hit 5H. Hammerfall will work if you're close, and you should be charging it by default, but if you're at a distance you can use Slide Head and get in. http://youtu.be/zpdc7ngHSZ8 CH 2H > 5H > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic combo for counter hit 2H, works on any height, distance, character. http://youtu.be/v00qpYXOz_w Corner: CH close 6H > Hammerfall Break > 6H Good combo if you manage to land a 6H counter in the corner, pretty likely to cause Dizzy just by itself. http://youtu.be/xwY_XhJOQOM 5D > Up Homing > j.H > j.H > j.S > j.H > ICPM Basic Dust combo. Doesn't work on Faust! Contrary to popular belief, you no longer have to hold Up for Dust combos to work, the first two hits are automatically cancelled for you. http://youtu.be/g6VCX8BLTK4 5D > Up Homing > j.H > j.D > j.S > j.H > ICPM Basic Dust combo for Faust, only works at about midrange and closer. [Tension] Potemkin Buster > RC > 5H/6H > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic combo from Potemkin Buster RC. Use 5H at midscreen, 6H in the corner. http://youtu.be/QBsu7HdwKmQ Corner: Potemkin Buster > 5P/2P > c.S > 2H > Heavenly Option for more damage off a corner Buster. Pretty easy for the damage it adds, just make sure you're deep in the corner. http://youtu.be/x2Ncai8A6Zs Hammerfall > RC > c.S > f.S/2S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Basic combo after landing Hammerfall. If you get a f.S instead of c.S after the RC, 2S won't hit after it! Just do Heat Knuckle in that case. Learn to judge the distance once you RC. http://youtu.be/yYSQx9mBBCw Forward Mega Fist > RC > (2K >) f.S > 2D At a distance, leave out the 2K. http://youtu.be/rQOUck02wOE Corner: Heat Knuckle > Extend > RC > forward jump > 6H > Heat Knuckle > Extend Decent combo after an Extended Heat Knuckle, good for securing the kill. http://youtu.be/tP9rqf_AaXs CH 2H > 5H > Giganter > Bullet/6H Basic metered answer after counter hit 2H. Using 6H will dizzy most characters, but Bullet gets you more outright damage. http://youtu.be/c-07_B67DmQ Potemkin Buster > RC > 2H > Heavenly 100% Tension for crummy damage, but at least you Bustered them twice. http://youtu.be/L9ETjYsVzts Heavenly > RC > 5H/6H > Heat Knuckle > Extend Good follow-up off a raw Heavenly if you have 100 Tension. Use 5H midscreen, 6H in the corner. http://youtu.be/2dCtwp3UTK8 [Advanced - No Tension] 5K > 2S > 6K > Hammerfall If you hit with 5K up close, this is your best damage. Input 6K slightly early and begin charging back immediately. Slightly easier on crouching opponents. http://youtu.be/dk1XVi6Bl8Q Corner: Potemkin Buster > c.S > 2S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Works on pretty much everyone, but much trickier timing than any above combo. More damage as well. http://youtu.be/d8n0Yec-1hw Corner: Potemkin Buster > c.S > 2S > 6K > Heat Knuckle > Extend More damage, but doesn't work on Zato, Millia, I-No, Ramlethal, or Elphelt. http://youtu.be/_bodAEDxUEw CH 2H > (Hammerfall > Break >) j.S > j.H > ICPM Because of how ICPM hits, you'll have to quickly judge whether to neutral or forward jump to get the confirm. http://youtu.be/c9t5y_xFFuQ [Advanced - Tension] 5K > 2S > 6K > Giganter > Bullet Useful for pushing the opponent farther towards the corner, or as a big damage confirm. http://youtu.be/2OsOnSDj9oA Potemkin Buster > RC > forward jump j.H > c.S/f.S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Another common Potemkin Buster confirm, land the j.H late in the jump to give yourself time to land and follow-up. http://youtu.be/bFFucUmJfBQ Corner: Potemkin Buster > RC > 6H > Hammerfall > Break > c.S > f.S/2S > Heat Knuckle > Extend Strong corner Buster combo. c.S > 2S works more consistently, so you should probably go for that. http://youtu.be/r4bAT7PF_XA Corner: Potemkin Buster > 6H > Giganter > walk forward 6H > Heat Knuckle > Extend Massive stun. http://youtu.be/oB2Zlbl-u20 Corner: Potemkin Buster > c.S > 2S > 6K > Giganter > walk forward 6H > Giganter > 6H > Hammerfall More massive stun, this one's a bit harder than the above. Doesn't work on all characters. http://youtu.be/PAoKSSjutrw Corner: 5K > 2S > 2D > RC > 6K > Break > 2S > 6K > Break > 5H > Heat Knuckle > Extend 6K loop off a deep corner confirm. The 2S > 6K needs to be fairly deep as well to confirm properly. http://youtu.be/rPQAgZNHofs Corner: 5K > 2S > 2D > RC > 6K > Break > 6K > Break > 2S > 6K > Heat Knuckle > Extend More difficult but more consistent version of the above. The extra 6K ensures that you're deep enough to hit the 2S properly, allowing you to start from further out of the corner. http://youtu.be/GLYlHBoeNXI Corner: 2D > 2D > RC > 6K > Break > 6K > Break > 2S > 6K > Break > 5H > Heat Knuckle > Extend A more "complete" version, merging the two above combos. http://youtu.be/vpDWB1ErDhE
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    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Red Star that's some of the weirdest shit I've heard in a while, gonna have to lab that up.
  24. Circuitous

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Whiffing Potemkin Buster.
  25. Nope! The move doesn't do that much damage to Faust to begin with, and I've actually gotten the KO with a correct guess against a friend playing Faust. (I was 4 for 6, git rekt Jetm.)