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  1. Es? That's pretty sudden. I'm really eager to see videos of her because I wonder if she'd be another zoner. I'd be surprised if she was, considering they apparently made her easier to play.
  2. That's probably it. They made his only pokes even shorter and there isn't really anything he was given to greatly help him in neutral. The best they did with that was make his pokes faster, yet still shorter.
  3. Accidental double post. Thanks internet.
  4. Any reasons people have as to why Kagura is at the bottom? I don't see him much in match videos, but I don't want my main to be the considered the WORST.
  5. Dazardz

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    Can't answer 18 right now as I'm not touching the game and I don't remember what you mean, but as for 19, you can do 3DC > 6DC > flashkick as an easy way to buffer the flashkick. It's what a lot of Kagura players do. It's just that holding 3DC brings out 2DC automatically instead of 6DC. No need to worry about scaling because you can still get great combos off of it.
  6. That Exceed Accel was beautiful.
  7. Dazardz

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    I'm sure someone else can be of better help and probably give you an actual shortcut, but when I picked up CPEX I had the same problem. I literally just practiced the combo over and over again. I personally found it helpful to press 6D during the 3C (3C should probably be before the 6D~C in the challenge you're doing I guess? If not, just 6D during the move you executed before) and switch to holding 3 even before you press the follow up C. So really it should look like 6D~3C. The [2]8C should be buffering during the time you hold 3, so by the time 6D~C is over, the 3 should have buffered the move enough for 2[8]C to come out at the time you need it. It takes practice, but I'm used to it now, so you can get used to it too. Hopefully someone else can be of good use if I wasn't enough for you.
  8. Hibiki looks great, I don't think you can be too hype for him. Can't wait to have my fun with him, but I look forward to simply watching it for now.
  9. That makes it sounds like a big gap in time between each act released. If the console release isn't getting a date before all acts are released, I hope these 3 acts don't take too long. I'm happy that every character is getting so much for arcade though.
  10. What is this thing about acts? Are there three different arcade storylines for CF that are going to be released separately or what?
  11. Dazardz

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs So-Called-Chaos. I think I could learn some things about how to play Liz from you.
  12. Dazardz

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    "SB Mudoon is unblockable/does minimum 2k damage" So there's a chance of unblockable setups? I'd love to see that!
  13. Dazardz

    Persona 4 Arena Q&A Thread

    I don't think there is a real reason. It's just not there, that's all there is to it. But in the future, if you have questions about Elizabeth, this is the place you're looking for: Elizabeth Q&A Thread
  14. Dazardz

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's Capablanca. I really need to get better at the Liz vs Narukami matchup.
  15. Dazardz

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    That'd be interesting, even though I can't picture being able to do anything after a survival knife quick enough that an opponent can't evade. Please don't do this Arcsys. As for the actual changes, even though I've only had the game for about 2 weeks, these Sho changes don't annoy me that much. Only things that get on my nerves are j.B hitbox nerf which doesn't bother me too much, and no longer being able to follow A or B Blazing Moon Barrage in the corner. I'm still upset by hearing that Elizabeth isn't really getting any good buffs, and still receiving nerfs.