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  1. 06falcon

    [#R-AC] PC Good Games Thread

    GGs to Blitz, Plat, Janiekenzu, Orrax and even those sly bastards that kept dropping on me.
  2. I'm having no issues as of yet using a quad core 2.6GHz 4gb DDR3 and a lone GeForce GTS 250 1GB
  3. The IRC channel is on the first page.
  4. Its not surprising to find nobody in there at times. Most people are on during the evening to late at night. Keep in mind that its used mostly by NA players. Most of the time, there's someone in the lobby around 8-10 Central, 6-8 Western or 9-11 eastern depending on your time zone. Are you behind a router or directly plugged in? Sorry if you answered it already. You might want to try going to the IRC channel as well to get help setting it up.
  5. guiltygear.wingdreams.net/lobby.cgi Most people use that lobby. If its not working, check your router setting or firewall. If it doesn't work, check that the patch is installed correctly.
  6. Lol, where did that come from? Not anymore around where i live. Just the usual stuff, some random shootings, ocasional person getting killed, but nothing more than that.

  7. 06falcon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    You need to have #R installed on your pc.
  8. so is there a lot of crime in chicago?

  9. Most of the people in the Wingdreams server are from the U.S. I cant speak for everyone, but a good amount of us are online later on in the day time through the night.
  10. 06falcon

    [#R] GGXX#R: Known Online gameplay Issues

    It means the other person has the ggxx window minimized.
  11. what IRC program do you have?
  12. irc.chatspike.net #reloadonline
  13. 06falcon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    wait... StriFe's mexican?!??
  14. wrong thread there cola XD