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  1. Yeah, now that this is a fake, there's still a chance they remove the implants for the real Baiken. ~Hoping
  2. Yeah, well, beats me. Sounds like something i would do if i had enough money already ^^ You do know they did the same for BBCP in 2014 where they added 30.000$ after registration was closed. Seemed like a lot more people watched the tourney because of that. After Evo2014 was over, everybody (on the internet, afaik) agreed that BBCP Finals was the most hype during that weekend. kotaku - the-most-intense-battle-of-evo-2014-so-far First line starts with " With a $35,000 on the line — the largest pot of EVO 2014 " Maybe it has some nice effects for them going forward.
  3. The reason i could think of is that they want to reward fans and don't want to spawn random people that only train up to make some money. Sounds pretty idealist, i guess...
  4. VF has strict timing moves and combos? Well, i didn't play extra high level opponents, but i'd say it's basic execution is far easier than 2D-games generally and on par with GG-execution tricks with high-level stuff. (coming from 3D-games myself) It's true, you can't randomly mash at first, but as soon as you get into the flow or what works it's soooooo good and fluent. Movement feels really natural, too, for some reason. Also VF-throw animations are the best ever, random explosions and crap like in Tekken doesn't even begin to compare to that epicness. People just quit before they get that far Or they don't even try because 'hurr, durr, game too difficult and ded anyway'. Well, GG had the same problem of "game too difficult, not even gonna try" for a long time. These urban myths are just sad >.< VF5FS online mode had spectacular good connection quality, too. Ahem... carry on with GG ontopic.
  5. Those lots of other things are probably sensible news discussions... It's actually nice that they stop these overboarding and seemingly hugely negative "i don't like this or that"-topics in the news/gameplay thread. imo
  6. Nah, plz don't, there's already enough generic booby ladies (not that Elphelt is better in that regard..) >.< Yeah, over the top blood and gore is so "manly" and Johnny Cage is a really serious character... omg.. >.< .. sry, had to ..
  7. Since Xrd-release the community is actually fine Not SF4-level big but even in germany there's always people on to play with (mainly guys from, organized through IRC - #blazblue) or the aforementioned French#1, where everyone gathers if they search for random opponents. Maybe if you're not that far from London, you could check out some of these guys: I've only been at their anime-tourney in 2014, but it was really great, let's see if they do another one this year
  8. The people i know that accidentaly purchased the EU-version also got some other version later.... So maybe it would be best to try to get a refund for your game if somehow possible and buy some other version that people actually play :/ Didn't play a lot online lately but France#1 was often > 20 people when i looked. Good luck
  9. So!? When's results!??! Plz! >.<
  10. I don't ^^ She's super cool as a character and i want her fun combo stuff from +R back, if possible Oh yeah, and keep her voice similar. Missing +R recently with all these hope inducing polls...
  11. Oh, if it's not EU LAW, but Sony law, they should just make it possible to release english only versions in EU as well - with a huge warning somewhere, because in germany there are lots of people that want their stuff in german and flip if it's not available.... well, screw them, get those games over here! Still waiting for +R i think...
  12. What Sowl said.. where's your source? Ishiwatari said he eventually wants everyone to come back (if they can afford it financially obviously).
  13. BlazBlue: Battle Cards™ - Collectible Card Fighter

    I don't use my ipad much but i would have loved to try this. Am i right that it's not available in Europe, yet, or just to stupid to find it in the app-shop?
  14. I respect that.. still hoping for a few more returning chars until the console release
  15. A friend of mine plays Xrd-Venom / Slayer on PS3-pad with cancels and combos just fine, though he was used to Xbox-pad in +R and all kinds of fighters... PS3 online is generally fine in EU, usually 2-3 frame connections to people with ok internet for me. PS4 ~ PS3 cross-play works fine as well. (Edit: using japanese PS3- and PS4-version, but i don't think that should matter for your questions...)