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  1. They don't give anything to be hopeful for to think that even if a Extend version was to release that they will dub it. They are a business at the end of the day so if they have success with the approach that they are doing with CF release they will just used the same thing for the Extend version.
  2. That's what also cross my mind too. What's the point of doing this now if you could of had done this when CP was release if their stance was to get the game out as soon as possible. It even makes the point of them dubbing CP Extend a pure stupid decision as well. Something had to changed from CP Extend until this game release to make them think it was wise decision to do so, but they will never tell us the actual reason.
  3. No matter what they did in this situation some part of the fan-base was going to be disappointed by it. They made their choice and people can now make their own decisions on if they agree it was the right thing to do or not by their wallet. Although Steve-Fiction mainly pointed out how I feel towards this situation I felt it's better for me to personally reply to you myself.
  4. At the end of the day they are cutting some of their fan-base to support another. That's basically what it boils down too in the end. With each side having their own arguments of why they either support or deny the decisions they made. If Arc System Works never included the dub since the beginning then this wouldn't had happen at all.
  5. I predict they are going to talk about the release date. I'm not going to get too deep on the matter of the dub in this thread but their response is a big non-answer to me on explaining what factors led to this decision. It feels more like they chose to say it's "out of our control" to get steam off them without directing who and what is the main issue behind these decisions that are made. Now fans have to either shut up about the dub and buy the game or just don't buy it.
  6. That was during the time Aksys was doing localization work for Blazblue that we got the games out quickly as they came out in Japan. Ever since Strangely Compelling took over that hasn't been the case.
  7. Sales seem very bad for this game despite the huge advertisements Arc Sys did for this game.
  8. To be honest the dub being removed may be because of them being cost-effective to not having to keep scheduling and re-hiring the VA's based on how the dlc Episodes are done. Getting in contact with VA's and getting them to redo their roles may be hard too do depending the type of projects they may doing at the time. I won't deny the dub getting mix responses compared to their other flagship title Blazblue may also played an hand on them getting a dub isn't worth it.
  9. I doubt Blazblue will be gone for a long time. I give it two or three year break before it comes back. I understand why Mori wants a break from it for a while since he kinda overdone it in regards to the story. Having to handle too many characters and setting that you keep piling up must be mentally exhausting to do without much of a break.
  10. Hero19

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    I been wondering what was ayame yayoi role in the novels and what does have to do with izayoi. Since it may explain why tsubaki family has it.