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  1. Ichipoo

    [CF] Video Posting Thread

    I don't think anybody posted this account's CF videos here? There's a couple of good players here like the top Izayoi player atm. Show them love and subscribe to them etc etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0kB8KalLvowZLQ-I_Qlag
  2. Ichipoo

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Pretty much SKD's initial write up for Izayoi when he was in Japan covered most if not all of her changes. Me and Blueriku's experiences with her at Round 1 simply confirm those changes. And you can still perform Astraea without Crusade Seraphim. Also, I recently happened upon footage of an Izayoi player who frequently uses Trans-Am. Really interesting stuff, I'm pretty sure these are things Izayoi was able to do in CPEX but the bits can turn an opponent's Burst attempt into a GCOD (which really compliments moveset since it can apparently cover GCOD pretty well), make GA 3C safe on block, cross under setups, etc. I just love the potential to this and I hope people really explore it in this version especially since it doesn't use up stocks/stars anymore. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/so27700582?ref=search_key_video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/so27700589?ref=search_key_video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/so27700592?ref=search_key_video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/so27700595?ref=search_key_video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/so27700599?ref=search_key_video Also SKD, not sure if you'll read this but think we can have a CF Izayoi thread to discuss these changes and whatnot with the posts relating to her new CF version to be moved there? I probably should have made it myself when I first reported on her CF changes and additions now that I think about it but no harm done.
  3. Ichipoo

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Since CF, just came out, there's not a lot of footage of her yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSqCehx3464 https://youtu.be/jT4HCfjYSxU?t=31m53s And it doesn't hurt to look up CPEX videos as well, notable players include SKD and Chin respectively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hTKxmzrxYE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APU5WhLzoRU The whole GA 2C(1) > 6B sequence has me wondering if it's possible to loop it somehow, especially off of Fatal Counter.
  4. Ichipoo

    [CF] Video Posting Thread

    Izayoi Combo Videos galore Izayoi Normal Mode & Gain Art Combos by @peugeotk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss8Bp2CG4-k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Xiz4WP5B8 Izayoi Combo Video by Yayoi Kocha https://youtu.be/2eKJz92rSgI 【BBCF】 イザヨイ コンボムービー 「START DASH SENSATION」 by @peugeotk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy8w_CYP8xQ Izayoi Combo Video by @WHITE_ABSOL http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27699173
  5. Ichipoo

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    We got CF combo videos guys: https://twitter.com/peugeotk/status/669200125349130240 In the tweet there's two videos, one is for Normal Mode combos and the other is Gain Art combos. Most Normal Mode combos from CPEX still work and I can speak from experience for this, (sans corner combos though?) As for Gain Art mode, due to Astraea's and GA 2C's new properties, midscreen combo damage is lower than before it seems (probably since you can't do something like ... 236B > 214B > 5C > 2C(1) > 3C > 236C~6D ...), but her corner damage seems fine (3.9k off of 5B starter for only 2 stocks and no meter).
  6. Ichipoo

    Monitor Discussion Thread

    Friendly reminder that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon. :)
  7. Ichipoo

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Not really sure if this warranted a new thread so I'll just post here. Yesterday, I got a chance to play CF at Round 1 and here's my thoughts on Izayoi for anybody interested. -Aerial Crusade Seraphim (j.236B,C/j623B) are pretty nifty as SKD mentioned previously. Like the original grounded versions that they derive from, j236B cuts downwards, j236C horizontally and j623B upwards. They give her additional options to control space and they're quite fast as well. Also, while I wasn't able to really test this out myself, I figure they should give her a way to bait and punish those who like to mash 5A if Izayoi approaches them with her Gain Art dash. Take care not to whiff them obviously. I personally like that they stall her falling momentum for a bit as well. -As all of you know, she has a new j.B which is a horizontal kick. Covers a good amount of space in front of her so it should make a nice air to air. That should also make it so she doesn't have to approach as close as she did with the old j.B when hover dashing towards her opponent? Also not sure if it's slower or faster than her old j.B but overall, I personally don't miss the old j.B lol -Speaking of new moves, I love the new 236D/j236D as well. Still works the same as SKD mentioned in his writeup. The space coverage is really great at the cost of the sabers not putting her opponent is super long hitstun/blockstun but I'll take it. OD version is even more dumb, I can only imagine the setups with this move... -As for combos, since Astraea launches the opponent higher now, old Gain Art routes obviously won't work, sample combos I was doing were: Midscreen: 5B > 236C~6D > sj.B > j.C > dj.B > dj.C > j.623B~D* Corner: 5B > 236C~6D > 623C~D *Seems using j.236B and j.236C in the combo are legitimate alternatives as well? Recent Japanese match vids show players using j.623B though. -Also, Strike Fall still bounces but you're right in front of your opponent when you land so you can follow it up with something 5B 5C. How much you can depends on how the combo is prorated; didn't really mess around with it that much tbh. -Using GA 2C on crouching opponents on combos seems to kill the combo early? Probably seems to be an effect of CF's combo rate being even lower in general? Whatever the case, I'll personally miss it since I used it to bump up my damage a bit. Also heard that it doesn't really work in corner combos as well since the second hit "launches" the opponent higher? Haven't really seen it myself though. -Being able to finally get some sort of reward off of Normal Hit 6B is nice, thanks to aerial Crusade Seraphim. (j.236B in particular) Classic BnB to go for in Normal Mode is 6B > j.236B > 623B. Haven't really experimented in Gain Art mode nor what combos are possible in CH 6B -As for specific normals. Almost everything seemed the same except 3C and 6A. 3C slides her forward a bit as SKD mentioned before so that's cool. Couldn't really find a use for 6A since it doesn't force crouching anymore, makes me wonder if CF version of this move is the most useless one yet lol. Well, that's it for now. I'm not sure when's the next time I'll get a chance to play CF but personally, I don't mind spending a bit more time on CPE since the game doesn't really feel that different to me other than subtle differences? BONUS: ... 236C~6D > Astral still works despite 6D launching higher lol
  8. Ichipoo

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Shouldn't we have a separate CF Izayoi thread for this?
  9. Ichipoo

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Leisureland Akibahara streamed a few hours ago, check their twitch (and follow if you haven't already yet) for the archive. http://www.twitch.tv/llakb/v/8586357 http://www.twitch.tv/llakb/v/8587352 http://www.twitch.tv/llakb/v/8591422 http://www.twitch.tv/llakb/v/8591522
  10. Ichipoo

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    【UNIELst】15 07 25 アミパラ垂水店舗大会 Part 1 【UNIELst】15 07 25 アミパラ垂水店舗大会 Part 2 【7 25】ささしまUNIELst大会part01 【7 25】ささしまUNIELst大会part02 【7 25】ささしまUNIELst大会part03
  11. But I always thought it was widely accepted in east Asia that being slim is more aesthetically pleasing than being buff/bulky as opposed to in the West? Anyway I have no problems with the new HUD other than how the Combo Counter looks but I'm just nitpicking at this point.
  12. At least Izayoi gets stocks for Gain Art if I wanted a Burst but got Overdrive instead.