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  1. TGS

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    I miss playing with you people. WTB +R console release kthnxbai.
  2. GG's to everyone I ran into. Me trying to do I-No Chem Love FRCs online is lulz.
  3. TGS

    I-no san's Accent Core Plus R changes

    At first I was all after seeing all the new changes, but then I'm all :sad: after realizing that it's still a beta test and they're most definitely gonna tweak/neuter some of her changes between now and release...
  4. TGS

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Someone (Teyah or whoever is gonna actually keep it updated) should just start a new thread with all the info on the first post, IMO... Reference post: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?13487-Guilty-Gear-Accent-Core-Plus-R!-Loketests-June-2-3!&p=1336698&viewfull=1#post1336698
  5. Word on the street is Chou and Kubo are interested in coming to Evo... *Taken from my secret stash of rumor mills.
  6. Kinda saw this coming a mile away due to BlazBlue's dwindling numbers (people burned out on CS2, waiting for CSE) plus other games being released at the right times. Even though the announcement of SFxT made me go , I hope that game doesn't end up a train wreck competitively, but if it does, lulz will be had. Anyways, someone plan shit for BlazBlue and/or Guilty Gear side tourneys like usual. Maybe there'll be some nice bonuses as well?
  7. lol nice gna avatar~ from the days when she was a dancer for hyuna's change ^_^

  8. In case you haven't heard yet, Evolution 2012 has been announced this past week. It will be from July 6-8, 2012 and will be returning to Caesar's Palace, where Evolution 2010 was held at. Main game lineup confirmed to have Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Version 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters XIII, and Street Fighter x Tekken. Sucks that there's no BlazBlue or Skullgirls, but at least you guys can throw a side tourney for it and not have to pay large venue fees and run under a tight schedule. Anyways use this thread to get hype, set up side tourneys, or plan Vegas stuff to do. This post will be updated with side tournament info once people set shit up.
  9. ^ Uh, that schedule is wrong. MK is going on right now as we speak. The real schedule is on the front page of Dustloop.
  10. Rin, any idea on how much stream time will be allocated to BBCS2 and Tekken 6 on Saturday? And any estimates on what time you guys are planning to show certain parts of the tourney on the stream (i.e. CS2 pools or Tekken 6 pools at a certain time, CS2 semifinals at a certain time, Tekken 6 semifinals, etc.)?
  11. until
    Top 8 for BBCS2 will be shown on this stream, as well as the rest of the top 8 from the other Evolution main games.
  12. until
    BlazBlue CS2 Pools and Semifinals will be broadcasted on this stream courtesy of FinestKO x Offcast. Note that they will most likely be sharing stream time with Tekken 6, so if BlazBlue isn't on the stream, rest assured that all of the semifinals and most of the pools will be recorded in some form to be released at a later date.
  13. Just to give you guys a heads up; side tourneys need to finish before 11 PM on Friday/Saturday or else you'll run into the risk of last year's GGAC finals repeating again... So plan accordingly!
  14. http://evo2k.com/checkin/ Post up your pool assignments, people. Or keep them secret, whatever you prefer.