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  1. Voodoo Doll

    AC: Matchup discussion

    Warrant the shit out of him if he spams pokes. If he stands back, bait him in with S exe beast FRC. HS exe beast should help Testy's offense in this match, but I've not really tested much with this in the way of Axl. This is actually one of Testy's bad matches in AC. His relative ease as setting of zeinest definetly complicates things. On trees, they don't activate if Testy is hit, you have to go over them I believe. Things may have changed, but I'm pretty sure your opponent has to go over hitomi to set it off.
  2. Voodoo Doll

    AC Combos: Theory and Practice

    Nice stuff Caer. I'd like to help contribute a bit. <3 Midscreen 1)Gatling 5k, 5s©, S exe beast FRC (mixup), zeinest, 5k, 5s©, j.p, j.k, j.s, jc j.k, j.d, BL -11 hits, around 120-140 damage depending on the character. 2)Gatling 5p, 5k, 5s©, 5hs, GD (wallbounce), 5k, 5s©, zeinest, j.p, j.k, j.s, jc j.k, j.d, BL -15 hits, around 150-180 damage depending on character. BD Loops 1)Zeinest setup, 5p, 5k, 5s©, 5hs, BL (zeinest catches on fall), TK BL, TK BL, MoP -13 hits, around 160-190 damage depending on character. Also nets 3~4 dolls.