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  1. sup its axlm4ster..remember me? i got xrd on steam, my username on steam, BRONZYISLANDNYC. hit me up for games. maybe me you sine n mahouko can get a lobby going every fri or something. later.

    1. DaiAndOh


      I've been a bit busy for the last few years getting life going. It sounds gucci to me but i'll have to pass for awhile hope you understand.

  2. DaiAndOh

    [BBCF] Amane Nishiki Gameplay Discussion

    I made a spreadsheet detailing if 236DB oki is meaty on a character's quick getup or not: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HbzslWNMxtomLKtzYOBNyV5FX0qZprvabncYmf88m1M
  3. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    More Sendatsu here!
  4. It doesn't reach nearly as far as Merkava's lol relax.
  5. That's actually pretty close to the Russian pronunciation. Then considering the Potemkin was a Russian battleship I believe...
  6. It's expected to be Raven, he has a gameplay style model (like Sin did). But who knows for sure...
  7. You see those 4 icons above her tension. 4 abilities she can activate with the organ that have separate cooldown. One of those is the bubble.
  8. Basically the sphere when out nullifies projectiles.
  9. ^^^^ That. There were unofficial polls only that weren't even done by anyone at Arc/AkSys.
  10. I think based on prior precedent we're seeing at least 3 more characters for console. Dizzy obviously, and I suspect Raven (has a model, wasn't likely to win the poll), and Tuner (new character, could be introduced regardless of the poll results). The story settings also hints at Baiken or Anji, and the poll showed them Bridget and HOS are popular as well. Whoooo knows?
  11. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    What about the faster 2B to hit further rolls? Wold that work per chance if we know how much faster it is?
  12. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Amane combos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_5Jp-Q0sP8
  13. ASW is on the record saying story mode model does not make any work less for in game model. They did Johnny from scratch.
  14. I'm just trying to get that XX announcer mod... Also music mods for Fatal Duel/No Mercy/Isuka/Korean #R etc
  15. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Indeed, it's a good theory I to see. I am also curious about Ginga's base frame data (startup/recovery/advantage)...looks good and gapless pressure is great to start but might force an end to pressure without RC? Perhaps forcing people to respect it then trying Amane's weaker options (hop, hariken) that reset might work?