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  1. Post any Revelator specific observations or questions here. There are no balance changes for the old cast outside of system mechanics. Therefore, Venom changes are his Blitz Attack, new Side Dust Followups, and burst powered Dark Angel. Most burst powered moves have increased invincibility. I wonder if Dark Angel could be a reversal? Also in addition, Pachi specifically mentioned it doing more chip damage. EDIT: Just watched it still do 34 hits on stream. See the new mechanics in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZaiRLlMaUI&feature=youtu.be ***Titan44 Edit: 1.03 update is out with new balance changes. Here's the list of Venom changes, as posted by SnowMonkeyFunky in the Sign thread:*** "Revelator 1.03 saw Venom getting a buttload of buffs across the board. They are as follows: – 6P Active Frames increased from 4F to 7F* Added Jump Cancel Recovery reduced by 3F* *NOTE: The animation is overall the same number of frames. These two changes simply mean that an extra 3 of what used to be recovery frames are now active. – 5HS Special Cancel window increased by 3F – j.HS Untechable Time increased from 14F to 16F – Ball Summon Tension gain increased from 50 to 75 – Stinger Aim Tension gain increased from 150 to 250 – Carcass Raid Tension gain increased from 150 to 200 – QV Tension gain increased from 150 to 200 – Mad Struggle Tension gain increased from 150 to 200 – Throw Blitz Shield bug after Throw fixed Burst bug after Throw fixed So the big ones imo are massive meter gain buffs, jH getting longer untech time making both airdash bnbs easier and short combos (like corner airthrow, clS[1] jc jH) knock down consistently, and of course 6P becoming SOGOODHOLYSCHNIKES. The 5H cancel window increase is a little quality of life buff that will make stuff revolving around 5H late BH xx S CR easier, but not really game changing. 6P is CH confirmable into an IAD combo, and on non CH can do something like 6P jc jS jH for a knockdown at most heights. 6P is now also a super valuable combo tool when used in conjunction with a ball hit. The way I see it being used in that context is during something like this: corner clS[3]866 jSHD 6H xx S QV, 6P BH IAD jSHD 6H xx Set That same combo was still possible pre patch, but substituting 6P for a microdash 5P BH. It was character specific, and even then it was remarkably inconsistent. While it may not make the extra loop universal, it should be far easier to do on most of the cast." The complete list of changes can be found here: http://pastebin.com/HywsGcJV Lots of changes made to other characters' hitboxes, making them significantly easier to combo. That coupled with new combo routes using JCable 6P and nerfs to the top tiers should make Venom a lot more formidable.
  2. DaiAndOh

    [BBCF] Amane Nishiki Gameplay Discussion

    I made a spreadsheet detailing if 236DB oki is meaty on a character's quick getup or not: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HbzslWNMxtomLKtzYOBNyV5FX0qZprvabncYmf88m1M
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    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    More Sendatsu here!
  4. Oh I never noticed! I'll have to test if it's like Ramlethal where you have to chain into c.S or if you can c.S raw.
  5. So for Burst Dark Angel, you can mash to get YRC and PRC. YRC allows you to jump and escape (probably not Pot, maybed not Bedman?), PRC of course allows you to block, but not escape, invincibility/low profile may work against it.
  6. Yes, you can throw charge blitzes.
  7. That's the main upside for Venom. However, it does hurt him as well. Do note that once blitz gets charged to a certain point, it rejects highs, mids, and lows, and even supers (rare situation, but it has happened with Bishop).
  8. I haven't had much time with the demo unfortunately, I need to test some Burst Dark Angel post flash reactions. Jack-O seems to have a standard lightweight hurtbox, kind of reminds me of I-No's. Jam on the other hand reminds me of Millia, slight delay needed in airdashing during c.S(3) combos, is lightweight unlike Sol. "blitzproof" mixup concept (showing that with the new blitz, can't guard a low and a projectile at the same time.
  9. Did you read the OP? Fino just messed up. It happens.
  10. It doesn't reach nearly as far as Merkava's lol relax.
  11. That's actually pretty close to the Russian pronunciation. Then considering the Potemkin was a Russian battleship I believe...
  12. It's expected to be Raven, he has a gameplay style model (like Sin did). But who knows for sure...
  13. You see those 4 icons above her tension. 4 abilities she can activate with the organ that have separate cooldown. One of those is the bubble.
  14. Basically the sphere when out nullifies projectiles.
  15. ^^^^ That. There were unofficial polls only that weren't even done by anyone at Arc/AkSys.
  16. I think based on prior precedent we're seeing at least 3 more characters for console. Dizzy obviously, and I suspect Raven (has a model, wasn't likely to win the poll), and Tuner (new character, could be introduced regardless of the poll results). The story settings also hints at Baiken or Anji, and the poll showed them Bridget and HOS are popular as well. Whoooo knows?
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    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    What about the faster 2B to hit further rolls? Wold that work per chance if we know how much faster it is?
  18. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Amane combos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_5Jp-Q0sP8
  19. ASW is on the record saying story mode model does not make any work less for in game model. They did Johnny from scratch.
  20. I'm just trying to get that XX announcer mod... Also music mods for Fatal Duel/No Mercy/Isuka/Korean #R etc
  21. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Indeed, it's a good theory I to see. I am also curious about Ginga's base frame data (startup/recovery/advantage)...looks good and gapless pressure is great to start but might force an end to pressure without RC? Perhaps forcing people to respect it then trying Amane's weaker options (hop, hariken) that reset might work?
  22. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    I see. Exceed Accel tends to scale damage, but I suppose from the videos you saw, that combo does just fine with it? I imagine Active Flow helps significantly too with that combo.
  23. DaiAndOh

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Has there been any word on 6D oki in this game? Real or fake without meter?
  24. Ah, I'm sorry. I could have sworn I read in the article about Johnny he took 6 months since they couldn't use the story mode model. The GDC talk would be a better source anyway.
  25. You're kidding right? Do you know how long it takes them to make a character? (6 months) If she comes out first the other characters will come quicker regardless. They're not going to reduce the character count in a port because of the poll. They clearly have a schedule in place on how many characters they can put into each version.