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  1. So was anything announced at Arc Revo? I haven't seen a single article about the event.
  2. Anji is in Bacon's story mode, but no Testament in Dizzy's? Sadness. Though the flashback to the classic X2 Sacred Grove stage was neato.
  3. Wow, this game is a lot of fun. How come no one is playing this again?
  4. This isn't the current version though yeh? Either I'll pick it up. Always wanted to get into it.
  5. At the rate Arc has been going last couple of releases; a PC port release within a reasonable amount of time of the console release may not be so ridiculous.
  6. Oh I don't have any problem with Bacon coming back. Just the people who kept demanding her back who probably won't stick around that long after they quickly get bored. I'm glad I'll be able to play Momentary Life again.
  7. Can't wait for most the people who kept crying about Bacon to play the game for a week and then drop it.
  8. Well atleast finally we're never gonna see comments like this again: Onto the next thing to whine about. Probably something like:
  9. That's exactly my point about the weekend being crowded for news and headlines. I really don't think Arc would want to compete against NRS or Capcom for headline news. Sure they could probably beat out NRS outside of America, but Capcom. Eh. Better to just wait for their own tournament where they don't have to compete with anybody. Then again, they have a 1pm slot this year. Lot more viewers on stream to encapsulate this year around.
  10. My thing is that I don't remember Arc ever using an appearance at Evo to announce something. They probably figure there's so much going on that weekend already they'd probably get buried underneath it all.
  11. It requires a lot of work in general just to play her.
  12. Don't forget hard as a mofo.
  13. Since the game's finally out; I feel a new thread opening up soon...
  14. The general FGC usually holds the Guilty Gear series with the same respect, if not almost as much, as other heavy hitters like Street Fighter or Tekken. Other air dashers have a harder time penetrating the discrimination though. Good luck bringing up Nitroblasters during Wednesday Night Fights, whoo boy.
  15. An actual decent interview with an English publication? This is a rarity.