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  1. Funnily enough, I actually saw someone on YouTube comments complaining that they couldn't see her butt.
  2. The new Arcade and menu interfaces look really cool.
  3. Awesome trailer, I'm interested in seeing what sort of horrible shenanigans Terumi/Hazama gets up to.
  4. The new visual looks fantastic, and the way Arcade Mode is portrayed looks really interesting and cool.
  5. It would be pretty weird for only some of the characters to have new voice-overs, but not all of them. Well, the game isn't even finished yet as far as we know, so they might not be finished adding new voices yet.
  6. Are you sure? Because in some of the Loketest videos it sounded like a few of the characters, such as Noel and Izayoi, already have new voice-overs.
  7. Seriously? It's not there? You have the localized version, right? Did they somehow forget to put the secret voices in? That's odd.
  8. I think they're just the secret voices that are the actually the character's VA's talking about the game. I can't remember exactly, but you should be able to find them in the Voice section of the Gallery, but you still have to buy them with in-game money.
  9. Wow, the title screen, character select screen, and the VS screen all look so awesome. The character select screen music is so awesome.
  10. beanwich

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    I see, well, I'm not a Litchi fan, so maybe I didn't notice, But I think if I saw it, I could see it as how Litchi looks. Most of the characters do look pretty thin, but to be honest, I think most of the characters in this series are on the underweight side, except of course for the artificially created and insanely buff. But being anime characters, most of their bodies are already exaggerated anyway.
  11. beanwich

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    I love them all, BLAZBLUE has always had the best character art out of any game, in my opinion. I've always loved Yuuki Katou's illustrations ever since I saw them from the novels. Terumi/Hazama looking stylish as hell, as always. Why don't you guys like Litchi's art?
  12. Was the Ragna part the little animated video where he wakes up confused in the white space, then he sees the cauldron-looking thing floating in the sky? Not sure what this "secretive" item is though, it might just be some voices you can listen to in the gallery, but you'll have to check it out and see.
  13. Wow just when I was getting excited for another game, then I see this, it looks really great. I really love the new character art, I've always loved Yuuki Katou's illustrations. Very excited.
  14. Do you mean you never received a keychain with your pre-order? Which one did you order, the Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 version? If I remember correctly, the Xbox One version pre-order bonus keychain was Mai, PS3 was Noel, and PS4 was Celica.
  15. beanwich

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    It's like a lil' child Nu-13 or Lambda-11. Cute.