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    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: R_Smoove09 Main: Anji/Faust Sub: Ky/Pot Trollin: Bridget Location: Greensboro, North Carolina I can make room on my friends list if need be, but I should be fine. I'm mainly online on the weekends, but if you can catch me online, I'm usually down to mash... If I'm not playing gta online. Also a chat invite would be nice ;_;/
  2. I don't have much to offer to this topic, as I am very new to this game. so i'll just tell you guys a bit about myself and how I feel. My name is Kareem Hailey. I'm reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. (stop asking me skaterr...) I'm 22 years old. I'm an 09er. I think this my first post on the dustloop forum (TriHard). My favorite game is guilty gear AC+. This is my first guilty gear. I currently distribute my time between anji and faust. I'm pretty sure anji-sama will never return my feelings, but I can't leave him alone ;_; I should probably apologize to faust for leading him on... I play on pad/analog, and map pks to my R2 button so I can do my frcs. I have fat fingers Orz. This is the first I'm learning of an issue dealing with macros. I just learned what macros were yesterday LMAO. I haven't experienced this glitch or know how to perform it, nor do I want to. If it is something that the majority feels could compromise a tournament, then macros should probably be banned in tourney. I suppose them's the breaks :/ If I never get a chance to participate in a tournament, I will continue to support this game because it's fucking fun. Speaking as a new player, after reading through this thread and noticing someone masturbating to their past accomplishments, and denouncing others' arguments rudely, I feel slightly opposed to playing this game if the ppl in its community are similar. Some guys are dicks. but I suppose them's the breaks as well :/ I'm sure most of you are great people though. HI BRETT-SENSEI O u O/ also I didn't mean to make my first post this extravagant but YOLOOO NIGGAAA #SwiftRage (I'm sorry if I came off as a dick) ^_^ One more thing! Is someone gonna make a poll for this issue or wait until after nec? or?...