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  1. Lol, she was one of the few high tier next to bridget in reload....... even thought there were a few monster class character. this is where I can't reconciled the 2 statement, even with all her changes j2s and double fish input.. dizzy was no means a great character in Ac... average at best. I don't understand how you can say having j2s and double fish will make her awesome. And fish summoning itself was rewarding only on kd, which is basically emphasizing that every character on KD gains that advantage how is that any different from other characters KD into Oki, and I-no is still queen of KD into Oki but that doesn't make Ino godly by itself. The most important aspect is neutral or else ramlethal wouldn't be bottom. However +R was a different best and only due to the nature of the fish and not the ability of double input. I don't understand this concept where people say dizzy with yrc is going to be insane... where there are already multiple characters using yrc with projectile that are already good. And yes this is an arms race. Even looking at Ky stun edge yrc, I don't see how dizzy will come close to that besides ice spike yrc is it sticks. fish yrc is probably no different than disc yrc.
  2. The problem is that her most fun creation is ac and +r. Reload dizzy had a few things being 2d ranges and special cancel frc with ice spike allowing unporated damage (need some confirm). Besides that not having j2s and holding air pike feel strange. And of course double fish input... so I'm not really a fan of reload dizzy even though her normals were sightly better.
  3. Well I suppose with either dizzy or bridget it won't change the status quo for the top tier players. Would have like to see baiken in the mess with people. But dizzy is nice too.
  4. Its more of a fact the gap between the top 4 is small and realistically any of them could win. However the bottom character have like zero chance and anyone who has viewed the mid poll result would likely focus on the top 4 character or dont care in general. Last day results should be interesting and the arcade will probably be busy lol
  5. resource could an issue and judging from the voting end date and the console reason probably looking at 5 to 6 month for each character. Wish they would steal people from team blue...... Will we all become kilff one day before our characters arrives.
  6. I'm just curious why arcs doesn't ask for crowd funding for xx character... let the people pay if they want it that badly.
  7. im hoping there sarcasm somewhere since dizzy hasn't been great in many version. Dizzy players know what to expect.
  8. most likely it will follow the current trend, once all the new characters are implemented in the arcade ie the new poll character. Console characters to arcade patch with all the changes. Why does it feels like the arcade is for testing system changes while the console release is design to test character balance.
  9. zaeris

    [Xrd] Ramlethal - Critique thread

    Well for hammer fall yrc if you're already airborne just yrc back that should allow you to drop down.
  10. On the contrary, I don't think you can say the ps4 version is a fancier graphic version because it is a truer reflection of the original I. E the arcade version. However, the ps3 version is clearly a downgrade. There was an interview where Daisuke said they strip the graphics to the bone and that involved a lot of work. Performance wise they can be the same game but you might as well suggest the vita or psp version of the game can be legit even if it plays the same. I dont think we can simply decide game play should be the bar. However, I do concede there are economical reason and mainly a convince issue with the ps3. Although I did read somewhere it would be up to development if they want to enable backward controll adaptability. But from a functional point of view the ps4 plays the game perfectly, being an exact copy of what's in the arcade and that the ps4 doesn't have frame issue with stages.
  11. Its more like games are transitioning to next gen, it will become an eventuality so I don't buy that players are going to fork hundreds when I have my ps1 ps2 and ectera and not to mention the many handheld consol. Players will eventually upgrade and that cost is already accounted. With the phantom pain release in japan there is already a surge in ps4 and maybe more so when there's are more games avalible. I dont mind if there's a ps3 release but at some point the transition to ps4 will occur or has already. Beside the ps3 version already downgraded a lot in terms of graphic for stable game play. I dont think arcsys would want to go through that again.
  12. well you at least ino gets meter where ram just gives you free meter without gaining any in most situation. Anyone know how to get rid of past quote, it seems like a ghost that follows me around. Anyway hoping for dizzy but since she's in the poll makes me wondering if arcsys never started with her design model to begin with.
  13. Jam is fine too, because you know they are going through backlog instead of making new character shrug. Although playable dizzy would be nice too.
  14. Think I might need to post a vid or two lol. The idea is to do a 5p2hs (66) j2s, its more like tricking your opponent to block high seeing j2s. I did test it with jump on wake up and there should be enough block stun for fuzzy if they jump and block the first 2hs and there shouldn't be enough for them to jump again afterwards or it won't be fuzzy since fuzzy is using the same block frames to hit high on crouching. The problem is fake fuzzy relies on your opponent ability to think and react. If they are just guessing or dont care if its high or low aka chicken blocking or holding up back then you don't really need fancy mix up and any simple 5p2hs j2s land 2d is enough then.
  15. well it doesnt matter if they up back because 2hs grounds them anyway and the gap isn't small enough to hit th3 bats just enough to catch jump frames so on non meaty characters it's about 4 frames and air guard retains the same mix up as standing guard hence you see the fuzzy plus air guard has more block stun if they do jump.