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    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    So in Rev2, how does the new Ky new 6H work? Like is it still a good oki tool after the foe's knockdown? is it plus on block? what's the timing to use this move after the foe's knockdown? (It seems I have to make the 1st hit whiff and make the 2nd hit connect the foe while they get up. )
  2. is there a list of the changes of the new patch notes? I know it's been only few days, but at least a list of the ones discovered so far?
  3. STILL no Jubei? Well, Nine and Hibiki were obvious choices. And it seems Nine is the boss of this new version.
  4. wait so the english version is patched too already?
  5. I'm sure this was posted somewhere in here but, what are all the changes in the arcade 1.1? (i.e. where can I see the patch notes)
  6. drzero7

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    how do you consistantly land the combo 5K, c.S, 6K, 236D, 2D? I keep missing the sweep. In corner it's easy, but I'm talking midscreen.
  7. drzero7

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQIJJkDLbKs This is interesting. Every char in this game have kara throw, and you can throw tech with command grabs instead of another regular throw.
  8. K thank you. I was always shield guarding while jumping and blocked some stuff while can't block others. Wow, so it's very unsafe to jump in this game. No wonder this game feels more footzie based then most "anime fighters". (loose term) I guess you just jump for pressure of you see an opening (Or Merkava, who don't give a ****)
  9. This is IMO Easy: Gordeau, Waldstein, Hyde, Linne, Nanase, Orie, Carmine, Byakuya, Seth Middle: Merkava, Eltnum, Hilda (Just because her defense is so bad), Chaos, Akatsuki (He's easy to learn, it's the match-up that's really hard to learn for him) Hard: Vastista, Yuzuriha
  10. Question. How does air block work in this game. I know air to air, you can air block. But you cannot air block ground attacks right? So how does Air shielding block works?
  11. drzero7

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    This is my B&B Rapid Cancel corner carry combo midscreen. (don't know if it's posted or not) 5B > 5C > 3C > 6C(3), RC, 2C, 5C, 3C, 6D then if at corner already, finish with land, 5C, 3C, 236D, Optional Super 3725dmg with 50% meter without super ender 4386 with 100% meter super ender if still not at corner land, 6C(3) or j623B at the air. (I prefer land 6C for farther corner carry plus hard knockdown.) 3641dmg without super ender, 4202 dmg with super ender (again, not worth 100% meter for just 4K damage IMO)
  12. Wait, after those 10 pics of Abyss mode, I have to beat Unlimited Mars for the next 10?! Oh god no...
  13. drzero7

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg1GJS1 Noel astral on kagura glitch.
  14. Man, so that item section for gallery, it's for each char you beat in Unlimited mars mode huh? Bah, never getting THAT one completed. >_>; Anyway, I unlocked the first 10 for Abyss mode gallery, how do you unlock the next 10? Those last 10 pics in abyss mode and Unlimited char pics are the only ones I haven't gotten.
  15. K, thanks. Playing Abyss Mode, unlocking the illustration part, but the first section in the item section is still locked. Is that the unlimited Mars one?