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    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    The issue you may be running into here is the fact that GG gives a handfull of frames of automatic throw invulnerability after a character leaves hit or block stun. There's info on the wiki (http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Offense_%28GGACR%29#Throw_Invincibility), but in short it means you have to delay a bit before throwing. On the opponent's wakeup is a particularly special case. Since (non-command) throws are instantaneous, if you're close enough to be thrown by the opponent you can be thrown even if you have an attack over them; trying to throw them on their wakeup needs some careful timing and spacing to avoid this while still getting close enough to land your own throw. Without knowing what character you're playing, a general suggestion is to just try delaying your throw attempt a bit more. For throwing on the opponent's wakeup, try to give them a reason to not throw you (keep distance until the last moment, jump, use throw-invulnerable moves on their wakeup sometimes, etc.) - this'll make them think twice before trying to throw, and give you room to sneak in with your own throw. If you're not already, you may also want to try practicing your full setups in training mode (set the dummy to guard all for blockstrings, for instance). Using this to get the timing down should help you later when going for it in an actual match.
  2. Probably about 3:30. I plan on heading out as soon as I can, and since it seems Katz isn't coming you're the first stop on the way.
  3. Not having more characters I can understand coming from the size limit. That makes sense. You could have text movelists with basic info on each move for maybe 10kb ... if they really couldn't spare that much for a feature that's been standard in most/all FTGs since PS1 days, I'd be really surprised (especially considering the game already has the move names - it displays them when entering custom assists). I mean, wouldn't be as pretty as the downloadable PDFs, but it'd be better than nothing. And I can't really complain about PSN/XBL being that way about downloadables, considering that they're kinda footing the bill for the shittons of hosting and bandwidth for people to download it by. Kinda bytes for end users like us, but it's not as unreasonable as you put it IMO. Rant aside, the game is proving mostly fun sofar (no actual versus-human experience yet, but I'm sure that'll be happening Sat.). Thinking of going with Filia/Ms.Fortune, to the surprise of probably nobody who knows how I usually play.
  4. Should be there, so long as work doesn't decide to be a last-minute bunch of asshats and such. Tales/Katz/Vyers - ride needed? Also tried out the Skullgirls demo yesterday, and actually liked it (was skeptical, it being marvel-like and such). Probably gonna grab the full thing tonight and see what I can do with it. Only main gripe I found was that I couldn't find an in-game movelist (and I might have just derped and missed it). ... holy shit me playing a marvel-like game? Fuck, pack your heavy coats, 'cause when we get to hell it'll be rather chilly.
  5. Vyers was right. He (rightly) finds this concept horrifying. Katz, on the other hand, is a fuckup and thinks it's cute. Also, I fuckin' lol'd.
  6. Shoutouts for casuals yesterday Shoutouts to Why for hosting, as always. Shoutouts to the new people (didn't catch your names) for coming. Shoutouts to Tales, Katz, Mindgame, and one of said new people for GG. Shoutouts to everyone else for being there. Shoutouts to Phil for being an awesome guy and putting up with us all this time. Interested to see what the new Why Temple will be like. Hopefully the drive won't be pushing it too far for me (as if! ).
  7. Certainly doable. Not sure exactly what time I'll be down there yet, but assuming I'm ditching Tales it'll probably be somewhere around 4pm.
  8. 7:30 is later than 7:00 Q.E.D.
  9. Can do. Not sure about Tales, he said he has work later than usual so I might not be picking him up.
  10. Alright, do you need a ride? Tales has work, so it'll be like last time if I'm picking you up. Let me know ASAP, please.
  11. Katz - are you going to Whysuals this weekend? I still have your wallet.
  12. I have you're wallet. If you want it returned safely, send ten thousand in unmark- ... er, I mean, I'll (hopefully remember to) bring it with me next time. Shoutouts to Why for hosting as usual. Shoutouts to LPT, Tales, and some other people (I forget names ) for Melty. Shoudouts to ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB~ for Guilty. Shoutouts to everyone else for being there. Shoutouts(?) to illness for forcing Vyers to not be able to come to Why's. ... perhaps next time. Also, the idea of bringing Rock Band to a Why meetup was thrown about. Certainly seemed to be some interest - what say the people?
  13. Hey, work's a great thing when it's a real job. It provides monies. Of course, Tales doesn't have a real job, so heh. There will be no Denny's Match. That would be foolish and silly and silly foolishness.
  14. Awesome. I'll just need you to send me the address (PM or phone works fine - just don't call me at 1:30 in the morning like Katz (DAMMIT GLITCH )). Also, in case you've forgotten, don't forget that we do the whole play-games-till-past-midnight-then-raid-Denny's routine. Anyways, that's Vyers and Katz. Haven't heard from Tales yet, but I suspect he'll be along as well provided he isn't busy working.
  15. Assuming casuals are don't get cancelled because of wusses fearing snow, do you need a ride? Belchertown is just about on the way for me if I'm picking up both Katz and Tales (which is what I'm expecting will happen at the moment ...). I can give you a ride, but I don't think I'll have car space for your friends if that's what you're asking ... As for the snow, I refer you to a much older post of mine: