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  1. Just a friendly reminder that this is the news and gameplay discussion thread. It's not to be used to speculate over which characters will get added or not.
  2. She helps fight Fuzzy in Variable Heart alongside Mai, Bell, Tar.o, Shiori, and Ragna. She uses chemicals to fight.
  3. That, and Nine's stage literally being in the Phantom Field, which she brings members of the Entitled to. Watashi "sealed" it off at the end of L:M, so surely only that version of her would know about its existence. Idk about you guys, but I'm satisfied with saying that Watashi and Imouto are Nine and Celica.
  4. No it's not. Honoka is just an alias he uses. It's either Hazama or Honoka, not Hazama Honoka.
  5. Yeah, Platinum and Hazama have alternate artworks where their eyes are different to indicate Unlimited forms. Still, it doesn't really mean anything. They could just be leftover in the data, and Trinity has a unique artwork done in the style of the other character select's, but it doesn't indicate she'll be playable (Kokonoe was in the same boat back in CS).
  6. They did meet during Remix Heart.
  7. As much as I'd love to see it, neither Mai nor Ragna recognise each other in their CF win quotes. Also, it's too dangerous according to Kokonoe for Mai to get close to the Azure Grimoire. I think it's more likely that someone's gonna intervene before it happens.
  8. Seems to confirm that Platinum is Bell before she housed the souls of Luna and Sena.
  9. Apparently you have to do the character's respective arcade route. It wasn't made clear which Act to beat, or if you need to do all 3 Acts for one character. Could someone find out what the answer to that is then, please?
  10. If we could all just remember that this is the news and gameplay discussion thread then we could stop going in circles: Wishing about a certain character being playable isn't news. It isn't gameplay. Wild speculation also isn't news and gameplay Insulting people and being vulgar, surprisingly, also isn't news and gameplay Complaining about the dub, no matter how painful it is, isn't news and gameplay Can we just get back on track please? No more Jubei and no more dub until there's news on them. I think everyone here would appreciate if that stopped and if people wouldn't be so vulgar, too.
  11. This is for discussion, not speculation. Also, from what I've seen and been told, Ada's soul wasn't crushed. If it was, and she is dead, I'd really like a source for that. Game releases in English in a few days so we'll see soon anyway.
  12. He needed that deal because he was so heavily wounded from Ragna at the end of CP. Trinity gave him the power to fight back but the trade-off is that he would be unable to fight again afterwards. Wouldn't really matter if she was dead or not for that.
  13. He made a deal with Trinity that allowed him to fight temporarily during CF, but in exchange, he would be unable to ever fight again.
  14. In an interview with Mori, he's stated that Jin can't fight anymore after the epilogue of CF. He still lives a normal life, but just can't fight.
  15. Can't remember if this was mentioned yet, but Luna and Sena were finally explained: They were two kids who were experimented on, and Jubei eventually found them (kinda has a knack for that). He had a vessel that was prepared for Trinity to inhabit, but they both decided it would be put to better use if Luna and Sena's souls were put inside the body instead, because their own bodies were on the verge of breaking.