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  1. TImmyK123

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    I didn't expect the themes to come out this month,I thought we would get previews later,but I guess these themes are too awesome to have a preview.
  2. TImmyK123

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Sol vs Ky theme does remind me a lot of "The Re-coming",especially the beginning of the theme.
  3. I have 2 other questions: 1st question:Do you have to unlock the themes such as Endless Despair II and Black Aggression? 2nd question:Is Endless Despair II also the theme of Unlimited Hazama?
  4. I haven't got the game yet,and this may sound like a dumb question(and someone probably might of asked this by now),but how do you or unlock Terumi without the dlc code?
  5. TImmyK123

    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    I played Guilty Gear when I was young,I enjoyed the game even though I wasn't as good back then,Later on in my life,my older brother told me about blazblue ( He didn't show me a trailer or gameplay since he's a busy with school),Got interested since he said it was made by the poeple who made Guilty Gear,he came back from school a day later,with a limited edition of Blazblue:Calamity Trigger,me and him played the S*** out of it,loved the story,the music,the characters,and I started getting better at it..so yeah thats my story ( Sorry if its long,and CHRONO PHANTASMA YEAH!!)