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  1. Ah. Just so you know though, Jinny is what all my friends call me, so you can do the same. For me though, I think that I registered to learn more about Jin. My pressure isn't that great, so I need help from Jin players that know what they're doing. As for ruining everything, sure, there are more options, but she's also more restricted on her styles. Plus, when she's zoning with her Dia Mode, which is her Nu Mode, she can't use Calamity Sword. She literally has no reversals and has to rely on Bursts and Counter Assaults to get out of pressure. Calamity Sword isn't that great of a reversal to begin with, but it is still another option, since her Counter Assault isn't that great either.

  2. Yeah, seeing your username over at PSTrophies did help me in identifying you. On a whim one day I decided to register. I think more specifically to request a recolor of Tsubaki's battle pose. Ruined everything..? With her swords being able to have the attributes of Lambda's and Nu's, how can it be anything but good?

  3. Nah. I just saw your name in the Tsubaki forums once and I thought "Is that who I think it is?" Turns out, it was you. Didn't know you hung out at Dustloop though. But yeah, for CP, you wanna go with Mu. Nu isn't that great as she was when she was Lambda. Damn Mode Change ruined everything. And I figured it'd be from Kagura. xD

  4. Ah, was there a specific reason you dropped the idea? I've been thinking of picking up Nu or Mu as a zoning sub for CP. At this point, I still can't decide, they're both so enticing! Yes, from Kagura himself.

  5. Ah right. I did see you in the Tsubaki forums, I believe. Was interested in her for a bit before I dropped the idea of picking her up as a sub. Staying faithful to Nu, fortunately or unfortunately. Though, was "Jin-Jin" from Kagura's Japanese nickname being tied to "Jinny" as his nickname for Jin in English or was it something else?

  6. Well technically, you found me first. Noticed you were on my recent visitors and I was all like: "Jin-Jin!?" Which is why I had to shoot you a VM. xD

  7. Didn't think I'd see you here either. I'm surprised you found me though. xD

  8. Never knew you'd be on Dustloop. :0