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  1. Well, good luck on your endevors, and remember what I said about the HK version being cheaper. If you find someone who can willing give up 28 bucks, then enjoy the game!

    1. Nerd455


      What about you?

    2. Djqubil


      I already pre-ordered the game and I'm going to have a blast with Kanji and Minazuki starting this Thursday. I am from Turkey, but if you can deal with the lag, I'm available to fight. Just don't expect that much. I'm also still up for commentations and stuff.

  2. So, guess which game isn't region locked? :3

    1. Nerd455


      Just got the word, now this will be interesting, I may just purchase a gameshare from someone, I can wait until the 30th.

  3. 6v6 thing needs to happen with captains one these. It would be…interesting to see.

    1. Nerd455


      Stolen, will be next Sunday!

  4. Nerd455

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    Gonna try to run a min-tournament of this game on the 27th, rules and time pending.^_^
  5. This topic will be updated regularly as the matches are uploaded, please enjoy! First up Prelims! http://youtu.be/uiPIj87329E
  6. I edited wrong so I took it down, sorry about that.
  7. Here's the intro you guys never got to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEZBzGPH0TQ
  8. http://youtu.be/03g2Atvm8AE Week 3 Top 5 Tournament Highlights!
  9. Good stuff to both players givinguponlife pulled it off.
  10. Yes since all of winners is finished we do losers rebel 4 first.
  11. Matter of fact rephrase if the stream knows where the competitor is if they are not in the stream and let you know and such (since I won't be able to see the chat that much) Then that is fine.
  12. If they show up they can pass I suppose, As long as they know they're up or see the invite.
  13. Here's the lowdown of how it will go today Pre-Stream at 7. -It is now MANDATORY that all competitors have a twitch account and MUST be in the stream by 7:25. The free-time before you can spend warming up in city no.7. Azure and I will do the player lobby beforehand after I set up my router. Don't have a Twitch? Make one... -Mastatoken you will be task along with Azure to keep track of which matches are next and checking to see if the players are there in chat, since DREX said he'll be MIA for awhile I'm counting on you Token to keep track of scores. -In the event that one or neither players are in the chat, advance the player who is in the chat or skip the match entirely. If by 7:30 you do not tell to skip your match for later if you are not able to make it by the time stated I will send you to losers no questions asked (If you are already in losers, you are eliminated! Tonight we start with losers rebel 1 ("It's not over yet") and then we go back to winners for the Winners Rebel 1 onwards and then losers again. Are we clear?