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  1. Valas Phoenix

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    So it's two, even worse.
  2. Valas Phoenix

    [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!

    The difference is that us ps3 players will have to wait 1 month before playing with the new mechanics and ps4 users will have the time to get the hang of it in 1 month. they are creating a (small) gap between players of the same region, so don't even compare the situation with sign, it's different. They aren't doing charity and they want to push the sales towards the new gen, I understand that, but ps3 users have the right to say "I don't think it's fair", since they're paying for the game too
  3. Valas Phoenix

    [CPEX] Tsubaki Combo Compilation (Updated 5/19/15)

    I've been practicing on these two midscreen combos: 5BB>5CC>623C>J236(w)>5C>2C>JB>JCC>2C>214B>5C>2C>236C>214B>22D>421A, and this 5BB>5CC>623C>J236(w)>5C>2C>JB>JCC>2C>214B>5C>2C. I don't know what to do after 2C though, I've seen konan doing JD>JC or simply baiting stuff with a jump barrier.
  4. Valas Phoenix

    [CPEX] Tsubaki Video Thread (Updated 7/3/15)

    You can do that without using 22D, it's a bit more difficult and does less damage but uses no charges, 5BB>5CC>236B>214B>delayed 22>5D>6BB>22>421A The j236A oki (min 0.30) is nice, but so far I'm able to pull it off only on Ragna and Jin :| , on the others the orb hits them, it's just me or it's really character specific?