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  1. I hope that doesn't happen since the dub is pretty good (except for bangs new voice)
  2. ok that's way better than just putting in a comeback mechanic that's only specific for a character where as they have to put effort to use it.
  3. did Ravens unique icon ever change because in the games he was played in it doesn't seem to do anything unless I missed it but I'm glad they didn't make it seem that the character doesn't need to be in low hp to do better (like Lucario in smash).
  4. so are they keeping the bottom right corner as a random button or is it going to be another character because the bottom left is obviously going to be dizzy but it just seems off to have a random button there (plz b A.B.A). Even if it isn't a new character I'm very satisfied to get to play 6 new characters in this version where I was expecting only 3 from the beginning.
  5. Don't forget the waitress in Calamity Trigger shes out for revenge on Ragna for not paying his bill.
  6. i'm glad that they put nu in her combat mode for her character art since shes mostly in that mode anyways.
  7. are their any videos up for the location test? Or is their no recording allowed for this kind of event?
  8. NEJI12212

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    I'd say nu13 for range but if you want someone that plays close as ken then carl clover (also has ken colors) but he is also the hardest character to learn.
  9. NEJI12212

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I completely disagree with a lot of things on that list like ABA isn't complete garbage shes ok and eddie shouldnt be at low tier and zappa should be at top tier and closer to the left because he has a lot of different playstyles for each stance he is in thats just some of the issues in that list
  10. NEJI12212

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    that doc was rly cool thanks for the megidola routes cause mine was rly bad before
  11. NEJI12212

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    thanks that was rly helpful
  12. NEJI12212

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    a different route I do is evil smile to 214AB->66->5B->5C->Sweep->236BB->236236B->2C->214214A uses 125 meter but does 4032 dmg also are their any suggestions on how to beat Marie's j.C -using a 5D from anywhere on the screen will get Adachi hit and lose a card -using a 2D will just make you lose a card but can still block marie and cant punish her -you cant counter assault it in time to destroy a card either - a well timed 2C can hit her and let marie lose a card but at the same time if it isn't used right then she will hit Izanagi and adachi so its high risk high reward I feel like this move is almost unpunishable unless you block it right when she throws it out in the air
  13. NEJI12212

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    why does his tackle give him so much burst meter build. I personally don't like his auto combo compared to the rest of the cast and even knowing that it helps build burst I'll probably still not use it. Also can Adachi get good damage off of a one more from a throw or is that a waste of meter? (i just can't find any routes myself)
  14. NEJI12212

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Gameplay Discussion

    hey I'm new to P4AU but I played the original tho and started to learn Adachi and went through his challenges I'm just wondering what kind of tools I should use in neutral game to approach my opponents with him (cause when i play matches with him I feel like I'm making some bad decisions)
  15. Im just wondering is it ok if I use a cronus device to events like this (going to evo nxt year not this one ) because I have an Xbox 360 stick and i use my cronus device to play on my ps3 and without macros in it.