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  1. [UNIEL] Chaos I came up with a new post-throw tech meaty setup, this delays the bite a good deal to catch anyone regardless of when they tech the throw.
  2. [UNIEL] Chaos Setup for azhi to meaty an opponent after they tech a throw. Confirms for a combo if they don't tech. If they delay their tech it'll whiff so it's not super great, but it's a nice little bonus to have.
  3. [UNIEL] Chaos New midscreen safejump using 236[/B] works off an A starter. It's maybe a bit easier if you whiff cancel into 5A/2A after the 623B but you don't need to. Notation if you can't read the inputs: 2A>2B>2C>236A>236[/B]>623A>623B>2C>jump cancel towards>j.6D>j.B You can substitute j.B for j.2C or any other air normal if you want. You also need to delay the j.6D a bit, I don't have any tips for that tho
  4. Chaos Code

    You can find some version info on mizuumi. The history of us releases is pre-patch ps3 is based on the ringwide arcade version, ps3 was then patched to nsc 1.03 and ps4 is based on nsc 2.11. Lupinus didn't exist before nsc 2.0 so any English info you find on her should be up to date Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  5. Chaos Code

    It depends on the character and which older version you're talking about. Some characters are pretty similar to how they've always been, some are really different. In general I wouldn't try to learn old combo routes in the current version
  6. The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    On may 7th we're doing a larger tournament at Evanston games (formally known as Elysium) all the info for it is here and you can even pre-reg. Also every sunday is still weekly casuals at Evanston games
  7. Chaos Code

    In general you need to delay each air hit as much as possible before you land (for some characters they don't need to delay too much, for others they need to delay a lot) both so that the opponent doesn't get too high and so that they stay in hitstun as you fall and jump back up. You also might want to see if you can do anything to launch them slightly lower to the ground. For example see if you can delay the 5B before the sjc, it might help. If there's a video of the combo it might help you see the timing for the air combo.
  8. Chaos Code is updated for most characters combo-wise. A few don't have a lot of stuff, in that case you can check match videos. has replays of TRF tournaments which have a lot of strong players. Also, a new discord started that will hopefully not explode in a mess of bot messages. The invite is here
  9. Chaos Code

    if you're on PC there's a match finder thread on the steam forums. There's also a discord but it's kind of a mess
  10. Chaos Code

    steam still has a few hours before it unlocks
  11. Chaos Code

    The Mizuumi Wiki's been updated a bunch, some characters are more complete than others but most have at least a BnB up.
  12. The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    Since the last post we've switched days at Elysium to Sunday (doors open at 11AM, tournaments start at 4 (first GG, then BB afterwards), the shop closes at 11PM). Also ShinSin and I have started a chicago AFGC twitter you can follow to stay posted on events and results from locals
  13. The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    Turnout at Elysium has picked up, so now it's going to be a weekly meetup. Next one will be on the 12th. If you bring a setup (monitor+console) that we end up using for tournament venue is waved, otherwise $5. Tournaments are $5 entry. Also we've been running BB tournaments at ignite and the plan is to keep doing that.
  14. The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    We haven't been getting very good turnout at Elysium, so if the next meetup doesn't get very good turnout we probably wont have any more. It wont be until January because of the holiday season. If anyone has opinions on weather we should do it on the 5th or hold off till the 12th lmk, the date still isn't set in stone
  15. The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    Starting on the first of december Elysium games in evanston is going to be hosting anime stuff every other thursday. Venue is $5 but it's waved if you bring a full setup (including monitor), stuff officially starts at 7, tournaments would likely start ~8. From the looks of who's said they're gonna come we'll probably do a blazbue tournament and if people come for xrd or any other game I'm happy to run stuff for those games too. Tournament will be singles $5 entry casual play is, of course, fine. Next monday I'll be running another BB bracket at ignite, most likely a free 2v2, but if turnout is smaller we'll do a 1v1. I want to start the bracket a little earlier (~8) so that there's time to run something else (I was thinking a chaos code bracket)