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  1. Hey everyone. I've returned after hearing that I could potentially have Makoto and Sho on the same team in a REAL game. At first I only cared about the RWBY warning but having RWBY in the game is just a side thing at this point. I think it's interesting that they paired up English Ruby with a JP dubbed game but RWBY is a US show so it makes sense I guess. And I get that not everybody can come back but I have high hopes that Makoto and Sho can make it, and I imagine that there would only be 4 RWBY characters. As for Jubei, I hope you're all happy he's in after waiting for years. My only hope is that it's a REV2 change and not another EXTEND because I don't think I could buy it again. He looked like he had story so I'm assuming it's more Arcade stuff.
  2. I actually never knew that. Now I know I guess.
  3. Why is there an "Unknown"? Is that for Arcade mode or something?
  4. So who is the character everybody is playing right now? I'm seeing a lot of Es stuff going around.
  5. And there goes Cindy Robinson as Makoto T-T...
  6. Gatekeeper? That's what that's called?
  7. He means playstyle. How they play and what makes them different from the others and all that.
  8. Yeah, this is how I felt about Es when she was announced. After I saw some gameplay though, I kinda got an idea of where the uniqueness lies with her. I can kinda picture where it comes in with Mai but I'm positive I'll see the bigger picture when gameplay is shown,
  9. Other than her "Variable Arts", I'm interested in seeing how her additional special move follow-ups work. I hope her command dash has the ability to go through people Sho Minazuki style. :D
  10. You never know. There could be an unplayable boss character with that emblem.
  11. No but from what I can see from the scans, it looks like a heart with a spear in the middle.
  12. You said her already but you forgot to mention how Noel in her new costume takes off that thing off her shoulders in her winpose. When I was first talking about her taking off her jacket, I was mostly referring to Bullet taking off hers and leaving almost nothing but her bra. lol I actually forgot how many people remove clothing in this game. Even looking at the guys, Bang does it and so does Azrael. I guess Hazama takes off his tie and coat but that doesn't really mean anything, and him taking off his cloak is just another character anyway.
  13. I mean, Mai's outfit isn't THAT bad. In a game where Makoto and Mu-12 exist, it could have gone much worse. At least she's not tripping everywhere causing a button to pop off or something. Or taking off her jacket in the middle of a fight.
  14. Throwing her spear at different directions? Tekken chains? A command dash? Mai's starting to sound kinda interesting now. She may not be what I was hoping for but I'm excited to try her out.
  15. So I hear Mai is going to be in the game now. She doesn't seem like she'll play like I thought she would at first. Not with that spear anyway. I don't know anything about Variable Heart so if I'm missing anything besides the fact that she has a spear, fill me in.
  16. That's because that was the launch trailer. That happened in CP when Bullet, Amane, and Azrael were revealed too. Es seems ok to me. Maybe I just lost interest at this point but the only thing that really caught my eye was the stomping. She'll always be that XBLAZE character to me. From this trailer though, it's hard for me to judge if we're gonna get a character exclusive character or not. Normally when they show that they have more characters coming in a console trailer, they show them or hint towards them for a brief 5 seconds or so. They showed Kagura in his trailer with Terumi and that same trailer showed Kokonoe at the end. It is possible that we only get Es and they save more for an EXTEND release. And they did reveal Raven and Kim Hyun first in a magazine rather than a trailer like Jam so that's a possibility. I don't really care who it is at this point. Everyone has had their hopes and ideas on who it will be for so long that I wonder if they'll ever come true (Kokonoe did I guess). I literally know nothing about the story and arcade endings in this game so I don't know if anybody specific has been hinted at. I think someone told me Es was hinted at in one of Naoto's endings though so she could be part of the story now or something. Still want Mai though. :D On a side note though, the stage they showed is probably my favorite now. Is that the BLACK BEAST IN THE BACKGROUND?!
  17. A FAST SWORDMASTER?!?! But really though. What does that mean towards playstyle? Aren't there already plenty of fast sword people in this game?
  18. Why does she have a spear?
  19. The only console character so far is Es right? I'm still here waiting for Mai so she can play like Sho Minazuki. Although I think I'm better off just playing Hibiki or something.
  20. It could be a different sword. Maybe Jin doesn't use Yukianesa anymore. No wait, he still has the same sword. oops
  21. IMO, Jam's voice is MUCH WORSE now than it was before. It really shouldn't bother me though since I'm the one that's gonna be playing her. From what I've seen of Jack-O (which really isn't much), it'll be tough for characters like Leo to get in. But I really don't know what I'm talking about though.
  22. He could be like Cliff and just use a really big sword, or grow bigger with magic. You never know.
  23. I seriously doubt that will happen. If anything, it'll be reversed and Naoto will be the one killing Ragna. Where is the Makoto footage? I can barely find any real matches of her.
  24. Does she still have that flip? Doesn't look like it.