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  1. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Discord

    Use this new link to join, no idea why the old one expired https://discord.gg/0fnjEdA32QziBwra
  2. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Discord

    Click this link to join the Sol discord if you want to join the discussion about Sol. Discuss, ask questions, share tech, etc. Links to resources are also provided within. https://discordapp.com/channels/120704036352688128/120704036352688128 New link: https://discord.gg/0fnjEdA32QziBwra
  3. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Maybe you aren't getting your jump out when they tech? That would mean you're pressing S too early. I do it as 95623S.
  4. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Yes we started a Discord chat recently, if anyone else wants in just PM me and I'll reply with an invite.
  5. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    What's going on is he's noticing the clear difference in timing of the meaty j.S connecting and the empty jump 2K connecting. Once it registers that it's too late for j.S to connect, he's automatically going to throw because he expects that you're landing. It's the same thing when people simply jump out of late airdash/empty low stuff, they block until you can't do a meaty, then jump. Meaty j.S/empty jump 2K isn't worth calling a mix up because there's too much time between when they would connect. Late airdash j.S/empty 2K could be considered a high/low mixup because they connect relatively close to the same timing. However this loses to 6P/throw OS or fuzzy jumping. Sol has to include conditioning for his basic mix ups to be usable.
  6. VR-Raiden

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I can actually go to this one
  7. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    You're pretty spot on for the most part I'd say. I'll add that another reason you don't see much WT in high level play is the existence of fuzzy jump/backdash techniques (buffering in jump/backdash on defense). When players get good at it, you have to really catch them off guard to land a WT. Stuff like empty jump WT or basic tick throws in general aren't as effective on people who are good at it. They can use it as a lower risk escape (in comparison to mashing out, which can result in them eating a huge counter hit starter). Typically that's how combos work in GG yeah. If you don't have corner, it usually takes resources or special hit conditions (like counter hit) to get strong combos. Yes, the opponent isn't worried about blocking high usually, since 5D is pretty easy to react to. But 2K has some advantages as a low other than hitting an opponent for trying to block high. Say for example they're in blockstun and you run up to pressure (like after GF YRC). If they hold upback, they will high block any non-low attack, or jump if they exit blockstun. 2K would hit them here. The same would be true of an opponent mashing backdash. 2K is good to stick in blockstrings to catch people trying to jump or backdash out.
  8. VR-Raiden

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    Ok I'll try that, and yeah definitely you can be in it
  9. VR-Raiden

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I reserved a room a while back, so far it's Marc and probly 1 other. They only let me choose 1 bed rooms though sadly. As long as nothing comes up I can go, but I won't get there til late Friday night.
  10. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    That challenge is stupid, if I recall you just need dash momentum and starting point blank. You don't generally bother with 2D BR in corner, you use 6P instead wherever possible for free big damage thanks to the wall bounce.
  11. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    There's something I don't really get where if you delay your jump cancel after a dashing attack, you retain the dash momentum when you jump. It did look like he had dash momentum on that jump. You can see the difference by just doing a dash c.S then immediate jump or delayed jump on the dummy just standing there. Delayed will move you forward more in air so you fall behind them.
  12. VR-Raiden

    MD / NoVA Thread: High Precision Fighting

    I can't make the monthly either, and haven't made plans yet but I do wanna do NEC again.
  13. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Yeah I think doing whatever starter to DI combo that isn't capable of killing is pretty much always a bad idea. You end with 0 tension, they end up with tons of tension and Burst gauge from your combo. Even if it gets you a hefty life lead, it doesn't mean that much when it results in you losing your resources and them gaining so much.
  14. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Kudakero is the divekick, j.214K. It's good at beating anti-air attempts because Sol stalls in air then dives down quickly. It's unsafe unless spaced well, but with YRC he keeps the downward momentum so you shoot down during YRC slowdown. Which makes it a hard to punish approach from the air. If you YRC too early you just fall slowly vertically, to get the fast diagonal drop you time YRC for when he starts the dive. If you watch Kazunoko he uses this quite a lot.
  15. VR-Raiden

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Sounds like you stumbled on one of his primary flaws. Neutral game depends heavily on the matchup but I'll try to list some general things. For an idea of how each move is useful in neutral, you can check out his wiki page. For the ground game, in general you need to know what you can do to punish opponents that try to swat you away with attacks as you approach, or back away as you approach. Often if they notice they're losing out in attack exchanges as you move in, they may start backing up. Attacking as you approach examples: if Venom keeps doing f.S every time you enter it's range, you can BB in anticipation to whiff punish. Similarly if Ram keeps doing f.S, you can do dashing 2D to low profile it. Say Faust tries to f.S, you can counter it with CH 6P in anticipation. Backing up as you approach example: if the opponent backdashes when you reach about max 2D range or so, keep running and 5K as theIr backdash finishes. Normally getting Sol's counter-focused pokes to whiff is favorable, so they may try this to create space. These rely on reading how you expect the opponent to react to your approach. One of the best tools for getting in is YRC. Neutral YRC allows you to confirm the situation and act accordingly. This is a more costly but safer method of approach. Sol has lots of great moves to take advantage of this. YRC > Fafnir can hit stuff with slow startup, or catch backdashes for example. It's helpful on characters that summon stuff since it can hit from so far (Venom balls, Faust items). YRC also greatly increases your chances of safely approaching from air. Kudakero YRC and YRC airdash for example. Could go on forever but I recommend looking over his wiki movelist and strategy pages for other details. Feel free to ask more in here on anything that comes up. Also watching match vids of good players is good for seeing how to approach the neutral game in a matchup.