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  1. darkpanzer

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    I say it is worth it. I was playing this nonstop when I first got my copy. And you don't have online for your Wii? Or am i someone who can't take a "what if" situation? I don't know. But it is a definte buy imo.
  2. darkpanzer

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    Get Hype!!!!!!!!!!
  3. darkpanzer

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    Your fanfics are amazing so far. I usually HATE HATE HATE fanfics but yours are quite an interesting read. You did a good job for a 13 year old.
  4. darkpanzer

    Bridget Q & A

    Its used more as a term to show affection or endearment.
  5. darkpanzer

    Post your GGXXNET character edits!

    When I saw her, I actually thought Ukyo from Samurai Showdown.
  6. darkpanzer

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Thread will most likely get closed. But here you go if it is this one. This was all I got so sorry if it is not the one. And its crappy quality. But again, thread will most likely get closed.
  7. darkpanzer

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Just saying wassup to my homelands. I can't wait to move back there and face you guys!!!!!
  8. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    I find that I'm really REALLY offensive. I guess I play that way because the way I played Marvel from before. I tend to rush is as I said before. I use Mappa alot, also with BBU and the bat clouds. I like to use DS alot for mix-ups and yeah, thats really it.
  9. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    Yeah, this all depends on when I can upload these videos. We are gonna record some more matched though . I just know I need some help with Slayer some more. I through out some moves that might seem weird sometimes at random moments. I know that around the 10th, we'll record alot of matches because I'm having a party, which means that we can get alot of vids recorded at that time. I can't wait to see what you all say.
  10. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    I'm happy, I perfected a Testament last night as revenge for the perfect her gave to me earlier that day. We started recording a few matches and they looked REALLY GREAT except fot the fact that the angle of the camera made it so you couldn't see half of what we were even doing. At the end, we were starting to get really crappy because we were both in pain from stomach aches to shoulder pains and whatnot. I'm thinking about recording some more matches then putting them on youtube to see what you guys can say I need work on. Would that be alright? I just don't know when I would be able to upload some of these videos.
  11. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    I perfected his Testament once. So I am happy for that fact for Testament is one of Slayer's worst match-ups. I also perfected his Jam once. He can do Jam's infinite, but Jam is still no match for my Slayer. Tr@pzt@r's Tesament like I said before, is really good. If he practiced ALOT more, he may be able to get on Shounen's level if he played more seriously and practiced everyday. My Slayer is great, but not that great compared to some people on here. As long as I perfected a Testament who is actually tournament worthy, I'll be feeling great. And atleast I have a vague idea on how to fight a good Testy player with Slayer, just gotta figure out there strategy, wait for a point to counter, and BBU to my heart's content and finish it with a stupid crazy strong combo.
  12. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    Don't worry Zaido, no offense taken, the one with all the ball heads right? I said that half jokingly. I've beat a Testament player who got hit with that before, and I murdered that fool for the rest of the night. We've been taking turns beating the shit out of each other since we started to get serious. Either he gets an almost perfect win, or I do. I avoid his beasts alot, easy to dodge when you teleport. I do tend to not use BBU until I know it will connect. So far, my win streak is the same as his. He was beating me last night, but somethings telling me I'll be beating his ass next time we play. He's a good Testy player, he could make a combo vid if he wanted. I say hes good, but not as great as some others out there. I think he said that the Testy mod was better than him. I always eat his badlands loops. I always fall for his mix-ups as well, you never know what that fool os gonna do next. Hes on here as tr@pzt@r btw. uses beast teleports at the right moment and dodges it sets web eats web does a badlands loop takes massive damage somehow recovers comes in for the kill counters his rush in with BBU barely wins with almost no health left This is an actual replay of what happened when I fought tr@pzt@r
  13. darkpanzer

    Slayer AC strats

    I think that even though Testament is very troublesome, he can still be beaten with skills. All you need is a good strat and combos. Slayer has crazy combos. Learn them. uses BBU tries to counter has been sent to hell has comboed BBU multiple times has bursted out of a combo has just used DoT has won goes crying in a corner
  14. darkpanzer

    Arcana Heart

    I see, I guess I'll try to learn the Lighting arcana for her. I never really liked the lighting arcana though, seemed really scrubby to me. I guess its what I have to do. Are any of the other arcanas that go good with her?
  15. darkpanzer

    Arcana Heart

    Lawlz. I think that Lisolette kicks ass. Her with either Tempestas for the mix up or Gier for the damage.