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  1. It took them 8-9 years, but it was well worth the wait! He looks so good! The only thing bad about it though, is that a few moves on his movelist appears to be a little "hakumen slowish", but I guess that's okay to due to balance. EDIT: Hate my damn phone keyboard, messed up my grammar.
  2. Plus she has her DLC announcer voice set. I predict that she and Mr Feline are the last two DLC characters on the bottom slot (one under Tager and one under Amane), and that's it. And speaking of unlimited characters, what happened? Anyone know why they're not in this one? Those were one of the best parts of Blazblue. I was even disappointed that some weren't even available to fight against in Story mode (Unlimited Ragna vs Unlimited Susanoo would've made more sense).
  3. I knew that announcement was fake as soon as they said Linhua was gonna be playable and the DLC announcers will be Izanami and Kajun, even though they are already DLC now. And if they THINK about making Linhua over Mr. Feline Samurai, I STG...
  4. I don't agree with it either, but what I'm saying is that if that what it takes for him to be playable, so be it. Nobody wants to deal with another Yoda.
  5. I for one don't mind Jubei being an offline-only playable character, since what Ogiga's saying is reasonable. I don't play online so what the hell, aren't developers supposed to find a way to cater to both online competitors and casual/offline players? But one thing that might work for Jubei's hitbox situation is him having a fighting stance similar to Jam from Guilty Gear or Tung Fu Rue from King of Fighters/Fatal Fury.
  6. Yeah, true, but it just sounds too convincing, especially since... Again, you're right, but I have a reason to assume.
  7. I don't mean to talk about the Unlimited stuff again, but I heard there's no Mars mode. Is that true?
  8. Did anyone unlock any unlimited characters yet? Most of us know what Ragna, Nine, and Izanami can do in their powerful forms.
  9. Nah, Izanami's theme is too good have a vocal version, unless if it's done by a death metal screamo artist or some unusual speaking.
  10. I just hope it's "his" emblem. But anyway, some people need to just calm down. I'm just as impatient for the cat to be playable as these fans are, but come on, don't blow up the thread with the complaining. It won't solve shit. How about going to a thread I made in this sub forum about small characters and you can talk about him there. Oh yeah,and two quick questions. One, is there going to be an Arc Revo this year? And second, if there is one, are they going to announce more characters or Mai's the one that will be announced at that event(hopefully that doesn't happen)?
  11. Ya see, I was fine with Xrd:R not having a dub, but if ASW decides to drop the dub for this one, oooh, there'll be some boycottin'. And for the record(cuz I know there will be this one guy who has a problem with it), nobody's forcing you to like the dub or anything, I'm just saying to respect my desire of hoping the dub will come while I respect yours about preferring subs over dubs. Anyways, about the gameplay, are there any news on some unlimited character yet?
  12. I think that should be Terumi's unlimited form instead of a new slot, but should that be talked about more in the story thread?
  13. That made me laugh when she called her that, and the way she said it too. BTW, I found this to be the one of the best quotes Ragna's ever said. http://youtu.be/lgHqyyOr5nw?t=1m45s
  14. Alright, I understand all the innuendo and all that. I personally think it'd be a bit too far too. But cussing? COME ON! In Blazblue, the characters said almost all the cuss words under the sun, even more than Guilty Gear. They even said d!ck(Ragna called Hakumen that) and p*ssy(Hazama said it). It wouldn't hurt to for the writers to put the F bomb in. But you know...it's whatever. ("C*nt" would be a bit too far though) Well that's good. A franchise needs to mature somehow. That's the point I'm trying to make.
  15. I'm just being curious. Since I-no cursed a few times but there were bleeps, Ragna almost saying the "F" bomb a couple times (what the fuuu~), blood features in GGXX, and Kokonoe and Litchi saying raunchy things during their "modes"(HMPK and TMML)...I say just put em in. Their games are marketed for customers 15 and up anyway. What do you guys think? Oh, and here's an example to what I'm talking about. http://youtu.be/FJoCI6FcB5k?t=40s