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  1. Because more people give a shit about another playable character [especially one that has been asked for years] aka more game content then another language option choice this late in the game. Hell if they were really gung ho about bringing back the dub then having dub Ragna voice in the BB cross tag battle trailer at an American event location instead of Sugita would have erased all doubts. Not saying it won't happen, but saying Cat = dub time! might raise hope again here about dubs and we just got over the reality.
  2. Welp rip Naoto OH. Strange to gut it since he has to work to get in against half the cast and should be rewarded a decent mixup game.
  3. Should have saw the RWBY coming. Even without the Arc Sys interview, RT [and pre-death Monty] wanting the show to be in a fighter, and of course the RT Evo announcement... There was the bloody RWBY themed color pallets in CF as if they were in the same league as the GG/P4A ones....hindsight 20/20 Also forgot how popular RWBY has gotten since its humble beginnings with the Red trailer to being an international hit. That crowd reaction.
  4. Number 13

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    PC port won't happen until game localizes and even then several months after Sony release
  5. Number 13

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    PC port won't happen until game localizes and even then several months after Sony release
  6. Don't care about the dub personally since I go original audio for most things [Sugita Ragna ftw], but feel for those that did. That was what was great for dual audio games is that both people and their preferences win. Now BB is gonna be like most budget anime fighters that don't bother with an English dub likely due to lack of worthwhile demand. Worth noting the BB mobile game back in June is technically the first BB game that didn't bother with an English dub.
  7. Lol Blazblue always had a ridiculous amount of anime troupe fanservice [both for males and females] with some moments more subtle then others. Mai even in that outfit fits just fine.
  8. Honestly before all this whining I was pretty neutral about Jubei. He was 'meh kind of neat cat yoda thing' tier for me. Then the 'when is Jubei' meme happened for years and IF he is finally added pretty sure I'm gonna end up hating the character in the end as much as I did for Yoda in SCIV since people pretty much soured his appeal potential with BS.
  9. Oh boy another 5 pages of Jubei whining incoming. Anyway not surprised at all. She was brought up randomly by Noel since CP, CPE gave her a little story segment + got VA, and CF been getting spin off characters [Naoto/Es] into the game too. Also she is pretty popular for a spin off character. Wonder wtf she has been up to since Remjx Hearts and why she is using a spear now. Wonder if any of her moves will be kisses.
  10. So Es is gonna be another intentional designed 'easy' character? What are the current list of 'easy' characters. Not legitimately 'easy' but designed to be 'easy'. - Ragna - Jin - Celica - Naoto - and now Es last I checked
  11. Oh DL is working now. So Dizzy [Ky's waifu/Sin's mommy] won in the end it seems. Guess Holy Order Sol fans who won the mid result either ran out of steam, failed to attract a lot of the bandwagon from low place voters, got cocky from winning the mid result, Dizzy and rest got more hungry, or simply a combination of all like I earlier brought up that possible scenario. Guess the playable Ky family is being expanded now with Ky, Sin, and now Dizzy. Needs Justice now.
  12. Doesn't stop people from classifying Bridget a waifu over the years ironically or unironcially. Anyway about the mid results that doesn't really tell me anything outside of the places that are separate by a large enough cushion gap to be considered safeish. The gap percentage between Holy Order Sol and Dizzy for example is a mere 1.5%. Hell Holy Order Sol and Baiken gap is just around a 6.3% gap. You now have to consider that a considerable amount of people are gonna adapt to the revelation to this midway poll to influence the final result which is what matters. Someone latching on someone that has no chance might back someone else now for example. There is also the possibility that a vital portion of Holy Order Sol voters are gonna get more complacent/cocky thinking they are guaranteed to win and don't have to throw more money anymore because the other voters will carry the burden which can be fatally toxic in the last stretch of the race if that mentality spreads. Meanwhile it's logical to assume that this midway results would make Dizzy, Bridget, and Baiken voters much more hungry now seeing Holy Order Sol within reasonable kill range possibly go at it with much more intensity I speak of experience of seeing all kinds of Japanese official polls/votes with the mid-results public reveal into final reveal formula. It's never good if your character is first place in the midway public reveal result, but not having a commanding gap on 2nd and below. The fanbase backing the first character now feels pressured/worried. I'm not saying my analysis is a crystal ball prediction. Holy Order Sol could still very well win. I'm just saying he is not "safe" to the extent where his lead is cemented which should have been the goal for Holy Order Sol fans because that would have decreased the morale for the other characters and might have encouraged other voters via bandwagon effect to be on the clear winning team. Remember mid-way results don't mean jack in the end and they tend to be very different in the final result where it matters if the gaps are not significant. GL. I personally don't care since Ky is already in the game lol
  13. Number 13

    GGXrd Revelator Character Vote Ballot Revealed

    Hopefully a unique character wins.
  14. If this was just your average popularity poll then I would say it would be a toss up between Dizzy or Bridget [leaning more toward Dizzy] since those two ranked high in Arc Sys popularity polls reliably, but now the voting sample will be limited to those showing up to JPN arcades and have to be good enough to at least clear arcade mode. Not to mention I don't think there is anything against spamming arcade mode runs for your favorite with this method. Honestly this is more of a toss-up in general now.
  15. Number 13

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Damn shadows getting another overhaul. I doubt they will get pure buffs though, but having access to burst is huge. Yeah this may be some big changes.