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  1. MattyD315

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    sorry I meant cpex not cf. Thanks for the info tho. Just got done watching all skd I could find, so good bro, so good. I found it especially comical teaching biscuits how to use Jin lolol.
  2. MattyD315

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    hey guys, I've been thinking real hard about dropping amane to a sub and want to try my hand at izayoi. Could you guys give me a couple names to look into that have match videos out. Preferably the most recent iteration of her, I'm playing on ps4, I think it's on 2.0
  3. MattyD315

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    Hey guys, I'm a Terumi main in CP. I picked him because I liked his drive and loved him in the story. But I'm migrationg away from playing bots and transfering over to online. Gotta say, Terumi's lack of a meterless reversal and mixup is beyond irritating. You can crouch block the dude all day, the only thing you need to stand for is j.2D which isn't very sneaky or 63214B but that takes meter, and when people with good pressure get me in the corner I'm FUCKED. I sub Hazama, but I want to keep him as a sub. So Im looking for a new main that has good reversal options with no meter and a quick, relitavly unassuming standing overhead so I can actually have a mix up game that doesnt involve jumping and letting everyone know what I'm doing. Any suggestions? Im not really a fan of the puppeter characters, so if you're thinking of suggesting them, thanks, but I just honestly don't like either of them at all, same for Kokonoe, I refuse to use her on the grounds of her being bullshit and I hate her lol. So anyone excluding them, I dont care if suggested characters are ass teir. They just need the tools I want for fun lobby matchups. Thanks playas
  4. Oh sorry I should have specified im playing cse. Its such a pain im now to the point where i can get a lvl 1 every time ofter houtdnjin but not lvl 2 Edit. Wow i guess it just clicked. I could start dashing a bit sooner than i thought. I think i gpt it. Thanks for the help!
  5. You said houtenjin > j.zanegiea? Im not really understanding ypur steps, youll have to forgive me. The way ive been inputting it is "236236B > 66 > 214D-C > stuff" so there is a way to split the commands up for this? Like buffer the 214d then dash then c? Or am i reading this wrong lol. And what do you mean j.zangeia? Forgive the ignorance. Ive been going at his challenge 12 for days now. I have every part seperatly perfect. Just cant get that j.8d. Could it be because my zangiea is only lvl 1 and not creating enough stun? Its the only thing i can think of..
  6. Hey guys I have a couple things I could use some help with. 1.) I am having some trouble getting the 214D~C followup to Houtenjin. I only get it about 70% of the time, which is causing me to doubt myself and just avoid it and go for the easy backstep 623D which is lame. I just cant seem to figure out the timing of this at all, like when you should go into stance and when to hit C. When I do it I can NEVER get the powered up version to come out, I'm usually so close to missing the link I have 0 spare time. But I see online most people hit that link all day with the powered up version. I was wondering if you guys had any tips to kind help me make sense of the link so I can work it into my game. And something a bit more specific than training mode, as I spent hours the last few days there with no results. I know it will take practice but practicing the wrong thing cant help any lol. 2.) This one is based off of say "OTG > 5C > 2C > 6D~A > 4D~A > Jump 8D~A > 623D" I am struggling a bit with this. On its own I have no problems getting this one off but after Houtenjin > Devouring Fang > 6C > Dash > .... I simply can not get this to link on Bang. He just techs the 8D every time. So annoying. But I LOVE the way this combo looks, especially with Mizuchi added at the end. Is this a combo that I should be able to use regularly, the triple chain retraction to 623D? Or is it just a situational junk combo that I should just avoid and stick with a simpler version omitting the jump chain?
  7. Hahah you guys are awesome. I will be practicing transferable skills as well. I just don't know exactly when I'll be able to afford a PS3. So it's an indefinite date for when I get CP. I might be stuck in CSE for a while so I wanna get good while I'm here. And as for the Terumi play, I just always thought it would be amazing to be able to play as Dark War Terumi ever since I learned of him. Not so much of a main, more of a treat to get to play as an alternate persona of my favorite FG character ever. Then they announced the DLC. So I told myself I'll allow me the reward of enjoying him if I can get to a respectable level with Hazama. I'm a reward based learner LOL. But yeah, by main problems seem to be when the optimal input time is from move to move. I'll get it down, eventually. Nothing beats time put in to make everything second nature. Oh, and jeez looking at the changes from CSE to CP alot of things look like we got the raw end of the deal with added recovery frames on alot of shit. But at the same time the (I think) j.C5 > 5C > j.whatever (maybe loop? IDK but I've seen it several times) looks a lot easier than the TK loop. But that's talk for a different thread, so I'll save it haha.
  8. Hahah yes I mean 5C. Stupid fingers moment. And I'll be working on it pretty hard, I have a personal promise to keep by getting above average with Hazama before I allow myself to play Terumi in CP, who I'm DYING to play! So I only have a couple months before I can afford to throw the chop at a PS3. Hazama is just, probably the FG character that I love the most, so I NEED to get better with him to do him justice. Get to play the bad guy = Amazing Ouroborus = Amazing A boss with Balisongs!? = IM A BOSS WITH BALISONGS http://youtu.be/LpeIQnqFQc0 In summary, I owe it to real balisong flippers to get top notch with this guy!
  9. The loop is pissing me off. I just have horrible timing I guess. I can't seem to link much. Obviously I can get the first 3C>2C<2147B but if I'm mid screen I can't seem to get the dash to come out quick enough to keep the Red Beat, and even in the corner I can't seem to get the 3C to Red Beat after the TK. Shit is frustrating as hell. I can 2147B in place all day but I just can't seem to time the dash or 3C for the life of me. I know, you've probably heard this same shit 100x in the TK loop thread, I know. But fuck me is irratating lol.
  10. Hmm, that's interesting, it just stinks as I'm in training right now, and against Hazama I do it 20 times, seemingly from the same distance and same timing, and it flops 50% of the time. I just don't get what is making it work some of the times.. I really love the 4D/6D harassment though, it makes me smile hahha. What would be one or two of the general favorite ways to set this up, in a not super duper situational way? You'll have to bear with me with all of these questions, I'm finally out of the 5D~D spam faze and ALL of these sweet new options are blowing my mind hahaha.
  11. Another thing that has been bugging me. Assume I'm going OTG 5C > 2C > 4D/6D~A why is it that sometimes the chain gets a solid hit and I can go for a follow up 6D~A/whatever and sometimes it gets a pussy hit that just flops them out of it and I cant follow up with anything? The range doesn't seem to change from the solid to weak connects, it just seems to not work some times. What could the issue be?
  12. Thats what I was thinking, thanks for the confirmation. It was just really confusing having one post say TK loop and another say Dashing loop, both by the same person hahah.
  13. Oh and and kind of random, but I'm going through the Combos thread and I keep seeing "Dashing Loop" is this the TK Loop under a different name or something different entirely?
  14. Oh I totally understand that. But how I'm hoping it could work is, oh this guy has the greatest cross up game ever, but his frame trapping isn't quite as good as that guys, And this guys chain play is second to none, ect. I kinda just want to see what a couple of the best do, in different aspects of their games and try to get the best view of options ya know?
  15. Wow this is obscenely frustrating. Youtube wont let me play any of Mitsurugi, and I can't find the other two on CSE. Shoot.