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  1. Ah okay. Then go ahead and put me down for bringing my console + games too :]
  2. Do you know how many setups you have now? I could bring my PS3 + games (GG & P4), but not sure about monitor. And i can help run pools with you too. I'll bring my iPad like last year and stuff.
  3. You have my monitor, ps3 w/ games and help w/ GG or anything else
  4. UWAA just saw the Bridget picture <3333333333 :DDDDD

  5. Detailing yourself as a cheesecake lover has brought me to the awareness that there are cheesecake haters. : (

  6. Sanoshi

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Last SanoCon of the year! Starts around 6:30pm, Theme is New Years Party, so dress fancy if you can, not required! PM me for address and stuff, or add me on facebook/events page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/264504850345434/
  7. Making it as short and sweet as possible! lawl that didn't work out. I got 2 finals tomorrow and a paper to work on qq. Amadeous - For being awesome in every way. Ty for ride, drinkings/drinks, holdin my hair back while i puked (jk i know i didn't, but i know you would), and flying my ass out here. Let's hang out again soon! Troll Badguy - Needed that Order Sol/Sol Matchup. You're super funny and i love listening to you shit talk haha. Circ - Cause i don't want to type the rest of your handle, hahaha. But you're a super sweet and funny guy. Thank you so much for the chicken wings and talking with me. We gotta play games together one day! I only played against one Pot here so the more exp the better! hahaha. Hope we see each other again soon! Severin and Guymam- Come back to Norcal, we (especially me) miss you! And Mark, feel free to come over anytime to play games or hang out. Sorry i'm a bad friend ahead of time. DaiAndOh - You did an amazing job running brackets! When your voice pretty much went out the next day i felt bad. I hope you had a great time and let's play more! Venom is fun to play against! Brandino - We didn't get to talk much OR play! D: Mainly because i was kinda hung over the next morning and needed to head down to play P4 for a good chunk of the time. Nonetheless! Let's play GG together someday! :D Braver - All i remember on Friday was me screaming, "YO WHY'D YOU DO THAT?!" Hahaha, but NEEDS MORE BRIDGET ARMYYEAI'MTALKINGTOYOUMAHOUKO. Don't forget to sign up next time dope! Hahaha Stickbug - Duuude thanks for running an amazing Anime tournament! Your hard definitely doesn't go unnoticed and thank you so much for keeping East Coast strong and alive with these events! I constantly wish West Coast had such an active anime scene like you guys! Especially in GG! :] Random shoutouts to: Bellresia - YO when you said hi to me for that split second while i walked away with Guymam, i did not know it was you LOL. I was like "Who was that?" and Mark told me that it was you like 2 times before it came to me. Let's play each other in something one day! :] Black Guys - Yo there were so many there. If you said hi to me and introduced yourself, i'm sorry i still can't tell ;;; We only have like 3 black guys in WC Anime scene so it was super hard to tell. ;;; Except Huey is the tallest of them all. Tokyo Teas - I forgot how strong you are ;; East Coast GG Players - I wanted to play against a lot of you guys like A3, Zidane, Biscuts, Alza, etc. but usually i was caught up with something else or hung over! Def next time i head over to NEC again or anther major you guys are at, let's play! :D Mahouko - YOOO WHERE YOU AT? qq make it to hype shit one day. NEED BRIDGET ARMY PHOTO NorCal - Let's play more! And good times with Dacid at the Bar Stadium place with 30 min waiting for food and Justin Bieber music. qqq SoCal - We need to get hella strong in Anime. Needs more GG too! Thanks so much for James doing everything with StickBug and running shit! And Kevin, we need to take a shot together and shit still. I don't think a Tokyo Tea counts, hahaha. Kurushii - For us finally meeting after knowing each other after all these years, before FGC involvement! Hahaha, do wish we got to hang, maybe at some other major! :3 Alex Valle - Whom will never read this but, hurray for bottle openers! Hahaha! And your kind and wise words :] School - Bodying me with 5 finals this week People i forgot - remind me who you are. Cause i'm pretty sure you were awesome too. WORTH IT FOR NEC13. FUCK YEAH AND HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE NEXT YEAR
  8. Sanoshi

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Prooobably? Been pretty swamped with finals stuff coming up but, i'll def post up to you know of stuff~!
  9. Sanoshi

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So so sad.. trying so hard not to cave in.
  10. Arriving around 9pm Friday night, so after Ama probably gets me, i'm down!
  11. Sanoshi

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Naah. Not for one more year at least! I'll be graduating soon! Btw, GG! Waiting another week for PSN is torture :[
  12. Sanoshi

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Today's the last day of Arcade Revival @ UCR's last meeting! If you can stop by for our last session, we'll be having Marvel and Persona going on. I"ll be giving away Giftcards and free Pizza :] Information: Today's the last day for Arcade Revival@ UCRs last meeting :[! If you can, stop by for MvC3, P4, giftcards and free pizzzzaaa. WHEN: Tuesday, Oct 23rd, 2012 WHERE: INTS 1121 (Downstairs by Bike racks) TIME: 6:10pm It's been fun helping the fighting game crowd at Riverside! Hopefully someone will continue to host once i leave!