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  1. Wow, it's the first time in a long time that I'm actually hyped with I-No's buffs, are we getting diagonal Chemical Love now when used with 663?
  2. New FF Dissidia in Arcades

    Is there any information regarding to when will be Kuja added as a playable character in arcades, or is he there already? I can't find any footage of him, other than the trailer of course. EDIT: Never mind, footage of him has started appearing today, doesn't seem to be as good as he was in Duodecim, shame.
  3. Seems to be actually better than the old 6HS, unless it doesn't leave Ky that much in positive is actually faster so it should be more easy to use it as a meaty and the opponent will have to react more quickly if it wants to BS it without having to guess, the trick of FD the first hit and IB the second hit should be a little more difficult as well with that animation.
  4. [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    I-No has double air dash in +R, and yeah the FB Dive allows you to reset any jump or air dash you did before, like with her command throw in Xrd.
  5. Well, if this is really true and Baiken is again like it was in the previous games, I wonder how many people will drop playing with I-No again because of her, unless they make her hurtbox bigger like they did with Faust.
  6. Did they say anything of future balance changes other than Dizzy?
  7. Online character question (Not deciding)

    Ky will always be one of the most popular characters online because of his mixups that are easy to react offline but are unblockables online, and Sol because he's Sol, a rushdown character pretty easy to pick that you can win by just spamming his specials again and again like most people do. Then there's Millia and Pot, most people play Millia because she's not a difficult character as well and with the new RC she's even more easy now (like most of the returning characters), and people know they get a great reward by playing her without putting that much effort, plus she's also a rushdown character and these kind of characters will always be the most popular because they don't call for a high execution like other characters, and Pot for the grappler players, that like any grappler in a fighting game, they are always more good playing online than offline. Those four will always be the characters that are more common online, Pot maybe not that much now for being nerfed and some people like to make a fuss just for that fact alone, but I remember when I played AC online, Potemkin was pretty much always the only character there everytime I played, and some Sol and Ky from time to time, the other characters were almost nonexistent.
  8. Does someone know where can you watch the first matches between Daru and Ogawa? I was only able to find this.
  9. Well, for me at the very least the netcode was already better than Sign since first day, I haven't had a single bug so far playing Revelator unlike Sign.
  10. What was all that about improved usability in the end? More input buffer?
  12. [Xrd] I-no Combo Thread

    I-No's combos have always depended on the weight and the hurtbox of the characters she fights against and Xrd is no exception. The common combo with the IAD in the corner which is 6P>5HS>IAD>j.K>j.S>FFVCL>j.S>j.HS>P Dive>j.HS>P Dive works with all the cast, but then depending on the character you fight you can change your combos for more damage and/or better knockdown, Slayer's hurtbox for example is quite big, and that works very well for I-No because she can get a knockdown with a double P Dive in some combos with damage over 200+ that wouldn't work with most of the other cast, while Venom on the hand has a really small hurtbox and you'll have to SJ most of the time to just link j.HS with P Dive against him. Also, you don't need to SJ against Faust anymore in 1.1.
  13. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I'm guessing I-No will be the main antagonist of GG once again based on that same ending, Inoue also seems to hint this according to what she says in the Gallery.
  14. Forget about Sign, you can laugh to those EU plebeians that have to pay to play Kum instead.