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  1. E_A_N

    Awesome! I'm glad people like you are able to make every week no matter what, good shit! I'll be there next week, not today though. Don't rape everyone too bad lol I'll probably stick with Chipp since he's not brain dead and is also in Xrd already.

  2. Jo

    Don't sweat it. I can hold it down either way. I'll see you tomorrow night or do you mean the one after? lmao. Of course you're playing another character. Don't get too attached.

  3. haha sick! I'd lose my shit if you did that in tourney! haha

  4. E_A_N

    lol! Yeah its been a couple weeks, I've been too poor to come out as of late, but I'll be there for next TRB and Rebel up for sure. I was grinding Venom, then Dizzy, now I'm grinding Chipp. I'm really liking Chipp right now though.

  5. Jo

    'Sup Ean? What character are you playing now? lol. I haven't seen you in what, 2 weeks or so?

  6. Not quite yet, I'm still working on just finishing the combo after the RC Youzansen. But soon!

  7. Phobos! I hope you finally TK SRK FRC and threw someone last Rebel up! haha

  8. Cool cool, let me know when you're available to play! :D Where's DQRF's profile? I know he's on here.

  9. Just got off work. Going to head home and go to sleep now.

  10. E_A_N

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Does SoCal even play Guilty Gear anymore!? :'|
  11. E_A_N

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    This is Travell right? I'm from the Central Cali area and they have a FGC that plays most fighting games. Here is a link to their main event organiser, just ask questions and they'll help you out. They usually have tournaments/casuals every friday in the fresno area. I'm pretty sure they can get you connected to Visalia players too. https://www.facebook.com/fgcalphacounter
  12. E_A_N

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Hello my name is Ean, I'm trying to level up in Guilty Gear and am playing as much offline as possible. I'm down to travel nearly anywhere in SoCal for the grind. If you want to practice then hit me up plz. I go to Super Arcade (japan arcade when their machine is not broken) alot, and also train with RS and Wingz in DTLA/Glendale respectively. As a newer player I'm down to train with anyone who sincerely wants to get better and catalyze our scene.
  13. E_A_N

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: Tensue_Ean Location: SoCal Main: Baiken Sub:Robo-ky I go to Super Arcade a lot and play online until someone else comes for offline.