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  1. guess as she can do Azami while on blockstun, she would technically still have Guard Cancels, only sorta a 2 step process now. seems timin' might be quite strict, so like in the sense of Red Parries probably
  2. how u gonna post just that match and leave stuff like this aside though?
  3. guess 1 frame input buffer for Xrd after Sign 1.1 patch
  4. http://esports-runner.com/guilty-gear-xrd/apm-xrd-winner/ list of qualified players so far for APM D-1
  5. like Ky's special cancelable , Slayer's air , Chipp's combos out of air hit on 1st Rekka, Zatou/Eddie alt summons w/ , Johnny wall bounce MFs leadin' to recoin combos and so on?
  6. guess also appears as - Jack O' Valentine - in the episode mode credits
  7. guess most info over here, shoutouts to AceKingOffSuit
  8. guess that's actually the point, w/ 1.1 still not fully settled down and system plus chars additions already in the way, any more changes seem to come w/ quite a big risk involved. so probably they're mainly focused on new chars balance and when it's kinda clear how them and the new system additions change things overall, there might probably enough input to go for another fine tunin'
  9. yup, dunno about changes for the sake of change. from gameplay point of view probably more valuable to have a game in which most matchups are rather playable, than havin' a game that sorta overhauls everything w/ every revision to please ppl who only enjoy "learnin' new stuff" and not just play the game in a more complete fashion. granted some chars might still use some adjustments, but Team Red seems not to rush things up w/ balance changes so probably might wait till the gameplay kinda settles down
  10. probably so it's not "all Sol team". guess they have had like 3 or so trainin' sessions so far, streamed over both Nico's Umehara channel and PlayStation Japan YouTube channel
  11. have only seen it over nico so far http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26626425 guess 1st online qualifiers held also w/ FAB on commentary, seems Nakamura and Takehara (Ram, 2nd place at KSB) in too
  12. would probably call it - manual tech - it kinda requires precision from the defensive side to escape, as usually precision from the offensive side is required to complete the combos. guess to tech on the first possible frame 1 frame or 3 frame precision if the inputs are piano'd would be required such precision on game-play combined with execution techniques such as said - piano - (mainly for reversals) or double taps have sorta been the core of 2D FGs at high levels since SFII days or so takin' into consideration the overall difficulty the genre can exhibit, guess the same as there can be value in havin' games that sorta "assist" the players by somehow lessenin' the execution requirements (caterin' to new/beginner players). there can be value too, in games that by usin' such precision requirements, allow advanced players to kinda "go all out". why would one try to turn the games into the "same game" from game-play point of view?!
  13. w/ the amount of work that overall seems to be put on Xrd, not just the graphics, animations, etc... almost simultaneous japanese and english release, the gameplay balance, w/ basically only one balance revision after arcade release... doesn't seem like Team Red would be slackin' much. as to complain about not havin' a localized release for 6 months (which kinda involves quite an amount of different languages), when there's still access to the english version through US/JPN PSN w/out much of a hassle