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  1. Calling it now, they've turned porting duties over to DotEmu again.
  2. Goddamn it, my guess was completely off base. EXVS Force is a ****ing Vita exclusive. Well there goes that, then.
  3. It's pretty obvious that they were, and that this was not the case with BBCP. Also, the Japanese version of Sign would have most assuredly not had English on it if they were at all concerned about losing Western sales to imports, which they weren't, since they put in a huge preemptive effort to ensure that the releases would be very close together with no content missing. (They didn't translate Sign's library mode in time for it to go on the disc, but it was patched in almost right away.)
  4. Aksys only kicked their localization team's asses into overdrive with Sign because it was a highly anticipated all-new fighting game that was not simply an expansion of an already existing one. Calamity Trigger received similar treatment, reaching the US a mere five days after Japan (though non-limited edition buyers had to wait a month). Revelator doesn't have that benefit to ride on, it's purely an iterative update with no balance changes, and thus has no chance of recapturing the same hype levels and sales numbers that Sign garnered. The odds are still in favor of a speedy localization, but it's not nearly as much of a given this time.
  5. It would be ****ing awful if Aksys dragged their feet at localizing a major ArcSys fighter release again. I still have zero regrets for my decision to import BBCP after how ridiculously long it took to be brought over, and I'm sure they lost a significant number of sales from their lethargy, including mine. I won't import a GG game except as a last resort though, because I'm much more invested in the storyline. Hoping for a US release no more than two months after the Japanese console debut, and even that would be pushing it. There's also a chance that Sony will throw some moneyhats Aksys's way to make the US localization PS4 exclusive. I wouldn't rule it out after what happened with SFV; they're a longtime EVO sponsor and have been aggressively pushing for the FGC to adopt the PS4 en masse (although the Sony-developed PS4 version of USFIV is a piece of shit, lol). Though Guilty Gear probably isn't a big enough deal for them to care.
  6. Good, they're not abandoning PS3 players yet with Revelator. Next one after that will likely be PS4 only, but there's a good chance I'll own the system by 2017. Then again, the PS3 is going to die an incredibly slow, protracted death in Japan, as the PS2 did. Hell, even the PSP is now still being kept alive by a few otome games. Is it too much to hope for a Western-exclusive Xbox One version of Revelator? Unfortunate that CP Extend's XBO release was probably a one-and-done experiment that failed, and that wasn't by Team Red anyway.
  7. It was meant to refer to VO Force being the first four-player game of the series.
  8. At this point I'm gonna say that Maxi Boost will be skipped over for a port. Way too many of its suits have already made it into FB as DLC, and if they all get included on disc for a Maxi port, B-N runs the risk of royally pissing off players who invested lots of money into FB's DLC (which will be completely devalued). They already experienced a huge backlash when they ported Idolm@ster 2 to PS3 with all its previous DLC included, which had been quite expensive on the 360 version. I expect Force (shades of Virtual On, lol) to be a major overhaul for the series with a new engine and a greatly slimmed-down, though re-imagined roster, so it won't affect FB's value when it gets ported.
  9. A new character will be chosen by vote? Welp, Bridget confirmed then.
  10. So Ky has an arcade mode boss version with red eye powers now? Wut?
  11. Mori started dreaming up the Blazblue universe in high school, well before he was capable of making any games about it. Unlike GG, it didn't start with a particular game genre in mind, though he floated the idea of making it a JRPG once he was established at Arc. I bet we will see a BB RPG before the end of this console gen, though it might only be on handhelds.
  12. GG is a much bigger deal in the West than BB, having a wider reach of appeal outside the usual "anime fighter" ghetto. Aksys made a decision to hold back BBCP vanilla, but they'll do everything in their power to avoid delaying the localization of a new GG fighter if Japan has it ready for consoles. (This doesn't apply to releases self-published by ArcSys USA, who are a bunch of slacker assholes.)
  13. Hakumen's new move is probably a hit that links into a special grapple when it connects, that the game doesn't consider a command throw.
  14. I approve of this change. It needed to be toned down, but this is better than giving into the whiners and removing it entirely.
  15. Not unprecedented for ASW after Xrd, and even Accent Core changed some former specials to Force Breaks (upward Axl Bomber, Grave Digger). Of course, Xrd losing so many moves was the result of a deliberate decision to ignore all non-Ishiwatari games. Team Blue might be getting pressured to switch up the character movesets to differentiate the game from CP more strongly, since most of CP's systems are remaining in place. Nice to see that Bullet has a 360 now, I had wondered why she didn't start with one. I'm sure she'll still be firmly low tier material though.